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Inside the Delightful Mehndi ceremony of Bipasha Basu

The bong bombshell is now officially hitched. We have already discussed Bipasha Basus wedding to Karan singh Grover in detail and I must say Bipasha Basu nailed all her wedding looks . From the simple muddy pink saree for puja to the Reception gold anarkali lehenga by sabyasachi she looked gorgeous and glowed ever bit with in her bridal finery.

While I liked all wedding looks of dusky beauty Bipasha Basu, what really stole the show was her mehndi outfit. The pink Anushree Reddy anarkali was girly, breezy and a fun pick for a summer mehndi event.

I loved Bipasha's look so damn much that I went hunting for every tiny little about it and paid detailed attention to her makeup, accessories and decor . Now I have all the information exploding in my head which is craving an outlet and so I decided to dedicate a blog post just for the mehndi ceremony of the now Mrs Bipasha Basu Singh Grover

The Mehendi Highlight: Floral Anushree Reddy Creation

The shimmer bodice, sheer flare with floral underskirt is all dreamy and feminine, something which I cant easily associate with the sexy image of Bipasha  Basu, so it came as a beautiful surprise. And boy did Bipasha pull it off? or did she look fantabulous in it? This girl can do both sexy and girly with equal elan. Major envy. 

Also I love how Bipasha wore pink and not the usual green or yellow people wear for mehndi.

The Decor:

The decor colours and theme matched with the to-be brides outfit. The Indian vintage theme with gota wall hangings and the latkan type hangings from ceiling all looked beautiful. there wer also mogra curtains in the background.

The Accessories:

Bipasha Basu wore a pair of jhumkas and the hot in trend necklace called stalada. She also wore a floral tiara, hath phool , armlets and baju band.
Althought I dont love matchy matchy stuff but here I loved how she matched her floral jewellery to her dress, It made for a nice refreshing change. The tiara looked amazing and the hath phool was something different becuase I have seen brides do floral bangle not hathphool.

A closer look At the hath phool. How cuter can things get? (this was done by Ceremonial Hues )

The Makeup:

I love the soft makeup on Bipasha with pink lips. The shade of pink is perfect for dusky indian skin tones and I totally want to have that shade in my vanity. Do you know of any close dupes of this shade?

(That necklace is called a stalada)

The Mehndi:

I like how how Bipasha did not go overboard with her mehndi or do simple stuff. She got a nice balance of not too much or too less. She even got monkeys drawn on her palms, super adorable.

The groom to be:

 Boys are the most neglected ones in weddings ;) Lets also talk about what Karan singh grover wore. A full white angrakha kurta creation by Antar Agni, must say he looked serene beside the stunning Bipasha.

That swirl.... My dream dress.. oh I so wnat to get my hands on at least one Anushree reddy outfit.

What did you Think of Bipasha Basu's Mehndi look? 

Image credit: The wedding story and Instagram

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