London For Less With British Airways - Find out Why this is the Best Time to Visit UK

Travelling has it's own zing to it. It's a beautiful thing, especially if you are travelling to a charming place like London. There has never been a better time to visit London what with Christmas and New Year approaching. UK / London is so much cheaper post the exchange rate gains (1 GBP = INR 100 earlier this year and now 1 GBP = INR 82) which makes this the best time to travel to London with British Airways.

Now you can start your journey to Britain on-board in true British style when you travel with British Airways.

I feel that shopping is the soul of any outing one plans. Bringing home memories and gifts for your waiting friends and relatives is the beauty of travelling. London is a shopper's paradise with its shopping outlets ranging from top notch branded boutiques to steal deal discount shops. There's something for every taste and once you enter a shop, you will not want to come back empty handed! Keeping in mind your love for shopping, British Airways is offering unlimited discounts and exclusive experiences at various outlets in London. Premium services and complimentary cocktails will be at your beck and call and all you have to do to benefit from all of it is to present your British Airways boarding pass at any of their participating stores. Check out the complete list of exclusive retail/ shopping offers for BA customers here.

Christmas and New Year is a time when London is at its best with every home glowing with the celebrations and the entire city and its people filled with the festive charm. You get to witness a sight like never before at the River Thames during a display of fireworks on Christmas and New Year.

I have always wanted to visit London and I am glad about this wonderful opportunity by British Airways. There's a lot I want to see and do in London and can't wait to visit this city of opportunity.

As the saying goes 'To travel is to live', why not take a fun filled trip to a city like London which is full of life and love? Start planning your trip right away!


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