29 Short Hairstyles for Women

The saying 'the longer, the better' is just a big fat lie when it comes to hair. Short hair is sexy and it has something about it which screams 'Confidence'!. Short haired women can do wonders with their mane. Today, our list of the Top 29 short hairstyles is going to prove just that. So if you want to give yourself a fresh look or just want to have a look on how amazingly short hair suit women then go on and stay glued to this post as we intend to amaze you with these sexy short hair style ideas, some of which our Celebrities themselves have adorned and some very unique ones which are straight out of the ramp.

All of these short hairstyles are unique choices for women with short hair. You can choose from sexy soft bobs, bold asymmetrical cuts, cute curls, edgy pixie cuts, half shaved dos, daring mohawks and so much more!

1. Sonam Kapoor Short hairstyles: Sleek one sided Bob

The Indian Style Diva Sonam Kapoor never fails to amaze us with her amazing appearances. This appearance was at the 68th Cannes Film Festival where she looked gorgeous in this Black gown. The best part of her appearance was her sexy short one sided bob hairstyle which perfectly complimented her peach skin. Let me tell you that Sonam's hair are not actually this short. Her hair dresser has smartly tuck in the extra hair in the bob itself which can be seen if you give it a closer look. So even if you have long hair you can try this lovely hairstyle for a change. 

2. Rihanna short hairstyles: Close cropped back with poker straight side fringe

SEXY is the word for this stunning hairstyle look by Rihanna. It's modern, trendy and abosultely gorgeous for every woman who wants to get those heads turned her way!

3. Rachel Dawes Asymmetrical short haircut:

4. Classy sleek wavy side parted curls

This hairstyle will give your hair a very feminine profile. The soft curls will flatter any face shape *and look stunning with both your ethnic and western outfits! -Very apt and cute short hairstyle for Prom night.

5. Anushka Sharma: Soft romantic bob

Anushka Sharma's daring short haircut in the Bollywood film PK took everyone by surprise. The soft short bangs suited the actress well and added to her open minded character in the film. You can get this haircut for a cute and a total no-mess and zero-stress look.

6. Sunny Leone short hairstyles: Sleek bob

Hair color in the right pattern can do wonders to enhance your whole look. This soft sleek Bob by Sunny Leone is bold and relaxed at the same time. Perfect for a serious office look.

7. Priyanka Chopra short hairstyles: Poker straight fringe cut

8. Sonam Kapoor short hairstyles: Blunt Bob with front hair clipped up

9. Aliya Bhatt short hairstyles: Short soft curls with volume at the top

10. Emma Watson short hairstyles: Very short curls with side swept fringe

11. Close cropped sleek straight cut with side parting

12. Bold Octopus Bob

13. Messy Pixie Mohawk

14. Daring one side shaved bob

15. Deepika Padukone Hairstyles: Soft sexy curls 

16. Sleek polished bob

17. Rihanna hairstyles: Bold angled Mohawk

18. Rihanna hairstyles: Sleek asymmetrical fringes with side parting

19. Rihanna hairstyles: Angled fringe with side close cropped hair

20. Rihanna hairstyles: Close cropped curls with volume in the front

21. Wild tousled Mohawk

22. Rihanna hairstyles: Cute fringe ending with soft waves at the back

23. Rihanna hairstyles: Side parted asymmetric fringe 

24. Paris Hilton short hairstyles: Sleek asymmetric bob

25. Rihanna hairstyles: Magenta Volumnuos Curly Bob

26. Rihanna hairstyles: Edgy mini mohawk

27. Rihanna hairstyles: Angular bob with blunt fringe

28. Sexy Asymmetrical bob

29. Emma Watson Short Hairstyles: Pixie cut 

Getting a short hair cut is a daring thing to do because there's no backing down once you have had the chop(unless you are fond of wigs and hair gummies). It's a risky thing to do so you need to be super sure about the style you want for your hair. Listed below are some simple and mind blowing tips to keep in mind before you get choose your short hair cut.

10 Tips to keep in mind before getting a short hair cut:

  1. Choose a haircut according to your face shape: Not every haircut may suit your face shape so it's best to first find out whether your face shape is oval, round, or square and get a suitable haircut accordingly. An Oval face can rock any hairstyle.
  2. A good hair stylist is the key - find the right one for your hair.
  3. Shorter hair demands more frequent cuts - Once you get your desired short hair cut, it's not really the end. You will need regular trim to ensure that your hairstyle stays put, so it's best that you finalize on a hair stylist for yourself.
  4. Take note of your hair texture and get a hairstyle which suits you - Every woman is gifted with different texture of hair and it's important that you not yours and choose a style accordingly. If you have curly hair then layers will suit you best, if you have poker straight hair then a pixie cut will look flattering. The same way, if your hair are thin in nature then adding some volume with layers and curls would be a great option.
  5. Ask yourself what you want - Ever adored a hairstyle of a Celebrity? Or maybe you just want to keep it simple or maybe even experiment with someone no one has tried? Ask yourself what you want, imagine yourself donning that hairstyle and then... only then, GO for it!
  6. Consider the color: What works for long hair doesn't always work with short hair so it's important that you choose a color which will compliment your style. A few stripes of brown here and there look sexy with most short haircuts!
  7. DON'T freak out - So you got a daring hair cut but it doesn't suit you? No worries. There's nothing to worry about - it's only hair, it'll grow back!
Do you have some tips to share too? Let us know in the comments below!

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