Coloressence Dual Phase Oil Free Makeup Remover Review

We all love glamorous makeup, dramatic eyes, winged liner and bold lips but at the end of the day we want to get rid of all the caked up makeup and let our skin breathe ! to be honest every time i do heavy makeup I don't use a store brought makeup remover instead use my trusted old coconut oil and baby wipes , after which I wash my face with a face wash. But when i indulge in light weight makeup I reach out for a makeup remover. Coloressence Dual Phase Oil Free Makeup Remover was my first makeup remover . Read on to know how it fared.

Price and Quantity:

95 INR for 50 ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

One Word: Affordable


The makeup remover comes in a transparent plastic bottle which is quite lightweight. The plastic bottle further has a spray nozzle at the top which makes it convenient to use during travelling. Further the nozzle is covered with a clear plastic cap. The packaging is great and is perfect for travelling.


The texture is runny and feels a little greasy after removing makeup with it. It has a dual mix of two liquids which can clearly be seen once the bottle is left untouched for an hour or two.


It has no fragrance whatsoever.

How effective is it ?

It is great for removing light weight makeup like a BB cream and light colored lip colors or even moisturing bold lipsticks. You just need to spray it over a cotton ball and remove the makeup in two-three swipes. But it is not effective when it comes to removing heavy makeup.

Shade/ Colour: Light pink

My experience:

I use it when I have a dramatic eye or bold lips going on. But it does not completely remove makeup from my face. I have to go over with a makeup remover wipe and I can see my face turned greasy and oily which makes the claim of being oil free not true. I have to swipe and use a lot of product to remove waterproof makeup. I like my makeup to be completely oil free and makeup free at the end of the day hence I go for a face wash every time I use this makeup remover. I felt this would be great for travelling purposes even though I haven't traveled with it yet. But its so lightweight that i know I would be carrying it if I were travelling for its packaging is very travel friendly!
Overall I think it is good to remove light weight makeup unless you are okay with using a face wash afterwards as this remover tends to make my oily skin a lot more greasier than I would've imagined it to.


Availability can be an issue as its available only online.

Whats Good:

  • Affordable
  • Good For beginners in Makeup
  • Sturdy travel friendly packaging
  • Light weight
  • Does not cause any break outs

What could be Better:

  • It is bound to finish off within a month of usage if you are a regular makeup applier as a lot of product is required to remove products like kajal and heavy coverage foundation. 
  • It leaves skin feeling greasy after using it and face looks oily.
  • It requires washing of face after using it.

BlingSparkle Rating: 3/5

Would I buy this product again?

I would buy it if I were travelling someplace humid and heated in india. Its a nice makeup remover for travel purposes as it light on the pocket and on my travel bag!

Do I recommend this?

If you are a makeup beginner this is a good makeup remover to invest in as its quite affordable and does a decent job of removing light coverage makeup!

Final Verdict:

Its not the best makeup remover out there but if you are looking for a budget friendly makeup remover with a sturdy packaging you can certainly give this a try!

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