Wow Lip Peel Off Lip Tattoo In Rose Pink Review & Swatch

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Makeup and beauty lovers want to try everything new launching in the beauty market ! And make up lovers who haven’t heard of the Berrisom ‘oops my lip tint’ or Romantic Bear wow long lasting lip color are living under a rock!
I recently did a haul from a makeup seller on instagram and I couldn’t stop myself from buying these beauties for they looked different and unique from other lip products ! First of all it a dupe of Romantic Bear Long Lasting Lip color and the staying power is not 12 hours as the product claims it to be!
The most tricky part of this lip tint or temporary lip tattoo is the application part! I ended up messing the product with my teeth and my teeth turned stinky pink red ! Yes ! Once applied you simply can pucker your lips or it sticks and you’ll be left with bleeding lips. It takes a long time to dry and once it dries off you peel it off . The final color that shows on the lips depends on the amount of product you have sued , how dry your peel off was and the duration of time you left it on your lips.
wow lip peel tint

Here’s how you do it the right way! Also a few tricks to get it right!

  • Apply it evenly and quickly on the lips (remember to make a thick layer, it is easier to peel off this way!)
  • Wait for 10-15 mins
  • Peel it off to find a stain on your lips
  • Hated the smell the product left on my lips but it does fade with time so its okay
  • Affordable than Berrisom lip tints
  • Stays for 4 hours without smearing and fading
  • leaves a lovely dark pink stain on lips!
lip peel off
BlingSparkle tip: Exfoliate your lips and apply a lip balm  beneath !Don’t apply on chapped lips!
IMG_20160501_180157137 IMG_20160501_180230998 (2)IMG_20160501_180746030 (2)
Before & After Swatch of Lip stain tattoo!

Check out the video to know how to use this lip tint!:

Have you tried a lip tint tattoo ? Would you like to try a wow lip peel off tattoo?
You can buy from instagram sellers and guess what I have this in super duper cute two other colors! Reviews coming up shortly :D
This post is the 7th product from our  #PinkLipColoursWeek challenge. 

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