The Big Fat Earrings Haul

Earrings are the most important accessory for me. If Iam going all minimal while dressing I just add a pair a pair of earrings and done!  It always shocks me how celebrities skip earrings when making public apperances, especially hollywood celebs. I can never do that, I dont like leaving my piered earlobes bares, I always want to adorn them with danglers, studs, cuffs and more. It is no surprise then that I have a huge , very huge collection of earrings and I keep adding to this collection from time to time.

This one is one massive haul, a collective pre eid haul of sorts. The earrings in here belong to me, bushra and najmun too. Majority of the earrings will go well with ethnic wear because the shopping has been done for eid but it is still not decided what we will wear with which dress. That reminds me, that I should tell yo , the eid dress shopping has already been done, yes like 40 days in advance because shopping while fasting is just no fun!

Why so many pairs for eid you ask? Well there is shab-e-qadr, eid, baasi eid and ofcourse we cant seem to control our shopping cravings when we spot pretty pieces too lol.

All of these were purchased from a store offline. Feast your eyes.....

Love the combination of pearls and crystals 

These are light weight and go beautifully wit my rain and rainbow kurtis 

 This fringe one is my favorite but there was only one piece and Bushra grabbed it.

Love this dazzling crystal ones too.

These chand bali tpe danglers look Ah-Mazing on ears.

Like anything from our haul? Tell us!

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