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Freshmenu  : Double the fun

Few months  back I was starving and wanted something healthy and yummy right in front of my eyes. The thing is I was at home and I simply couldn’t dress up to go and eat outside and didn't want to order from Mc Donald's as I would end up ordering than I actually intended to eat ,which meant more calories. To save me from my ordeal came by Freshmenu! I got a notification that Freshmenu had a 50% off going on and me being a foodie and discount lover ended up straight on their website ! That's how I discovered this incredible food delivery website and app!

The packing was travel friendly and the portion size was good enough. Since then we have ordered regularly & food has left me speechless. All of these makes Freshmenu one of the best food apps.  I fell in love with my order which consisted of Meal on the go-Teriyaki cottage cheese and Triple brownie cheesecake. Also loved the Egg and cheese melt.

Teriyaki cottage cheese meal

eggless cheesecake

egg burger


One of my favorite apps for ordering good food. The service is excellent, no minimum order deal, and variety of options. They make sure that the options are a combo of healthy and delicious. A special mention for the stirred fried vegetables, and the delectable desserts. The delivery guys are very courteous and always deliver with a smile! But I guess I wouldn’t order it every day or every alternate day for i think the prices are a little too high for me to consume it on a daily basis. Once in two weeks, that’s what I would go for. My family enjoys main course meals and sandwiches a lot , the best part being the freshly used ingredients making it a refreshing and an incredible meal.

At first I was skeptical to try non vegetarian as I wasn’t sure if the meat they used was halal but once I googled them , my doubts were cleared for they use halal certified meat and hence Muslims can order their delicious non veg menu without worries.

Freshmenu Packaging

Why Order Food from

1. Fresh ingredients are used in their recipes
2.Authentic flavor guaranteed
3. Delivery is incredibly fast and one of my order was delivered within 30 minutes time frame.
4. Sturdy tailor made food containers and bottles
5.Restaurant quality food delivered at doorstep
6.Reasonable prices for desserts
7. Daily offers and discounts on their popular food items.
8. They have everything from pizzas to desserts to salads to dips and perfectly divine combo meals!
9.International cuisine makes for tempting menus.
10. Freshmenu app makes it even more easier to order tasty food within seconds
11.Constantly changing menus give you a larger variety of food.
12. Freshly made deals every single time. The food is cooked after you have placed an order.
13.Cash on Delivery option available.
14.No delivery charges.
15. They use halal certified meats for the meals.
16. They avoid using Ajino moto or monosodium glutamate.

What I Disliked About

1. A little too pricey for daily consumption.
2. One would mostly prefer to order only in an ongoing discount o their menu.
3.Available only in select areas of Bangalore, Mumbai & Delhi.

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ordered from

Final Verdict :

Overall Freshmenu is one immediate website that pops up in my mind when I am in the mood for some chef crafted meals and that too to have them delivered to my doorstep in 45 minutes is one of the best things that happened ever!
Ever since my first order I have been a regular one to order from them and have loved their timely delivery and perfect taste every time. The best part are the desserts , so many varieties to choose from and everything is divine and delectable! Plus the photos are not misleading, what you see on their website you get the exact thing! Cool, right? :D

ordered from Rating:

4/5freshmenu card
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What To Look Out For:

Their Value Meals are amazing . Value for money. Highly Recommended.The app version is also great for its easy to install and use making it a best food app. If you are looking for a gourmet experience while seated back in the comfort of your home then you have to try ordering from Freshmenu, the perfect meal planning app! It does not feel like packaged food at all!
Click here to order from their website.

Freshmenu food app review

PS: This isn’t a sponsored post and the review is an honest one on my personal experience.

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