Minto Ultramintz ~ Sugar Free mints Review

You maybe surprised to see review of mints on this blog but these ultramintz from ITC have such an amazing taste and cool packaging that I had to write about them.  Read on to know why I love these sugar free mints so much.

Price and Quantity: 50 INR for one box containing 60 pellets (12g) 


MintO Ultramintz comes in a classy black tin box which has plastic shield having a dispenser in the corner. I love the packaging which is easy to carry around as it shuts tight and is sleek to fit into pockets, purses and even clutches. great job with the packaging. Love.

My experience with Minto Ultramintz:

I love mints and always move around with polo from school days and the ultra mintz is a nice change for me. Even chewing gum i prefer mint flavour so i was very excited about ultra mintz. The mint pellet is very tiny ( the size of hole a polo has) and it melts in mouth with a strong minty and cooling sensation. I love the taste of this mint which is better than polo and the size is also perfect also it being sugar free you can have more than one pellet guilt free. The minty sensation isnt the strongest out there but it is nice refreshing taste , some where between mild and strong which is perfect for my taste buds.

The idea of putting 60 pellets in a sleek box is genius one, so I think one box should last all month for moderate users. With this box sharing is easy and it is good for diabetic patients and also people on a strict diet. Need I say more? EPIC win. Iam a fan, a convert. My most prefered mint these days. Try them if you haven't already

Availability: Easy 
Buy on needs market here

Whats Good:

  • Classy packaging
  • Travel friendly, fits even in clutches!
  • Sugar free
  • Nice taste
  • Lasting minty sensation
  • Sharing is easy
  • Affordable

What could be Better:

  • Nothing. Really! 

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★/5

Final Verdict:

I love Minto Ultramintz by ITC for the refreshing minty sensation and the packaging and I recommend it to all mint lovers. Definitely give this black classy beauty a try.

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