30 Outfits men can wear at an Indian Wedding|| What to wear to an Indian wedding as a male guest?

Its the wedding season and you might have already received tons of invitations to your friends and relatives Indian weddings. So once you have received the wedding card the very first question that pops in our minds is : What to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest? and we are talking about the Indian men as well. While women might have a lot of options , men might think they have very few options. Today we let you know the various awesome options men can sport at an Indian wedding as a guest.

What To Wear An Indian Wedding As A Male Guest? Latest Styles Of 2018-2019

Men have loads of options to show off their sartorial style at an indian wedding nowadays. If you are always confused a to what to wear to an Indian wedding as a male guest? You can always pick an outfit depending on the your role in the wedding. You can wear a royal sherwani, smart bandhgala or a designer Indian suit. But its best to stick to truly traditional clothes  when you are attending an Indian wedding.

First of all the wedding invitation might hold a few dress codes but its best to stick to traditional clothing when it comes to guest attire at Indian weddings. You can go for ethnic wear for weddings with Indian customs and wear Indo-western wear or Western wear for receptions. Gone are days when men would make an appearance in the kurta -pyajama or a sherwani. the modern men like to experiment and try their best to put up a great outfit that will not only make them look amazing but attract all the attention and make them stand apart from the crowd.

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If you think its the women who have loads of different styles and variety to flaunt at Indian weddings, you might have to think again as men might have limited choices when it comes to traditional clothing but Indian designers have given way to great outfit choices for men. Indian outfits for men have been expanded , thanks to influence of Bollywood cinema and exceptional Indian fashion designers showcasing amazing wedding ceremony outfits for men on the ramp. 

What about the first timers? According to us most of the male guests who are attending an Indian wedding for the first time will be faced with the perplexing question: something like, what do you wear to an Indian wedding, as a guest? Be it the mehndi ceremony, the sangeet, cocktail party, the wedding or the reception , we are here to help.So today we are going to help you find that perfect outfit you can wear to an Indian wedding as a guest and make the right impression!
Read on to know what exactly you have to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest  Or maybe the next time time someone from your friends or family pop a question' What does a man wear to an Indian wedding?' , you know the exact answer to that ;)

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Keep reading to get insight on all the Outfits the men can sport For The Wedding Season By Occasion ! If you are looking for inspirational outfit ideas for guests attending an engagement ceremony you can check out Engagement ceremony guide.

What to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest for Mehndi ?

#1 A simple printed Floral Jacket

For all those men who want to create a style statement by choosing something simple yet chic wear a floral jacket and pair it with elegant Jodhpuri Pants! This Indian wedding /mehndi ensemble makes for a fun outfit to sport at your Best Friends Mehndi ceremony!

#2 Or Wear A floral Printed waistcoat

Florals are in this season. The best way to stay in style and yet look effortless is to wear a floral printed waistcoat over a plain comfortable kurta Pyajama to your sibling or buddy's mehndi ceremony!

#3 Pick a dapper Pathani or An Afghani Suit

Show up in a sexy Pathani suit and you are sure to grab a lot of female attention on the mehndi night!
We all know that Pathanis are extremely comfortable but in addition to that they also add masculinity to the overall personality and is great for Indian weddings in summers !

#4 Or pick a dapper Kurta-Salwar Combo

If you want a more toned down outfit then you can wear the traditional kurta pyajama and throw a waistcoat over it for added effect!

#5 A bright colored kurta With Nehru jacket

Mehndi or Haldi ceremony can mean wearing bright bold colors , what better than wearing a bright banana yellow kurta teamed up with a well fitted Nehru jacket.

#6 Wear PINK

If a man can wear pink at an indian wedding it has to be the mehndi or the sangeet ceremony. You can get away looking stylish and bolder by donning a pink kurta but remember to choose a light colored pink kurta as fuchsia and deeper pinks look garish on men.

#7 Wear a Kurta With Jeans

If you are bored of wearing the same kurta the same way every time you attend an Indian wedding, spice it up and pair it with a pair of comfy jeans!

#8 Pair a Kurta With Dhothi pants

If you awant to embrace the traditional clothing at a mehndi ceremony then you can always wear a pre stitched dhoti with a bright colored medium knee length kurta. You are bound to shine in this kurta-printedvatar as its very unique and not all men have the confidence to carry this amazing traditional teaming of a kurta and a dhothi !

What to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest for Sangeet?

#9 Color on color pairing:

You can also wear a Pink Kurta With Open Buttoned Orange Nehru jacket , team it up with white chudidars to balance the whole look . This indian wedding guest outfit is great for a night filled with dancing and singing.

#10 Wear a contrasting dupatta with an Afghani Suit

If you want to flaunt those biceps you have worked so hard for at the gym you can wear an Afghani suit and drape a contrasted dupatta for a festive effect. Make sure to experiment with different colors like pastels for a different look.

#11 Ethnic Jacket , Kurta And Jeans combination

If you want to look dressed up but yet want to go the casual route you can combine elements of both formal and casual wear to form your own traditional comfortable avatar. Just wear a well tailored kurta with your favorite pair of jeans and add a nice waistcoat for some extra glamour. This self styled is all you need to look well-dressed for the occasion when you have to dance all night with your friends and the groom!

#12 A well groomed Punjabi Kurta

#13 Western wear to Indian wedding

If you are attending a bachelors party or party in the morning which is not the wedding party then you can opt for western wear. Wear interesting outfits like crisp white shirt paired with an elegant blazer and trousers.

If its winter Indian wedding Party you can pair your favorite turtle neck sweater with a blazer and fitted pants for that stylish well groomed English look.

What to wear to an Indian wedding as a guest for the 7 phera  ceremony?

#14 An All white traditional stylish ensemble

If the color theme of the indian wedding is dreamy whites then you can easily pick an all white ensemble to show off your dressing abilities . But its best to wear white only when the invitation card or the dress code requires you too as white is a very boring color for color filled Indian fat weddings! Add a pop of color via a turban or a scarf for that festive touch!

#15 A well tailored Shalwar Kameez

If you are confused and nothing seems to fit the way you want it to, you can always stick to the basic chic shalwar kameez kurta.  Pair it with some amazing juttis and a eye catchy watch to complete the whole look. This ensemble is a classic pick when you have nothing on the back of your mind and works wonders every single time to a traditional Indian wedding.

#16 Heavy worked Sherwani

If the wedding card reads glamorous wedding and the dress code royalty go all glam but picking up a rich sherwani with jaali work or hand work . Many indian weddings held are royal and demand men to wear the best among the best, this is the time to flaunt all those heavy sherwanis.To match all that grandeur and splendour of the Indian weddings, you must go for a sherwani with heavy work. Sherwanis with embroideries like kasab work, Kashmiri work and chikan work look great. You can also get your sherwanis with Sequins and crystals on them that can add a lot of shimmer and glamorize the indian wedding outfit.

#17 A Regal Sherwani

If yo are a guest at a Close family member's wedding, a heavy Silk Sherwani with resham and kasab embroidery would be appropriate for youMatch your sherwani with some great pair of mojaris that will accentuate the regal look.

#18 Or a designer couture sherwani #Sabyasachi

If you are a guest at a close family relative or a guest at your best friends wedding then you can go for a more sophisticated and stylish option of wearing a beautifully designed sherwani showcased on the runways! This version of the sherwani is much more grander than the basic simple sherwani we mentioned above. Don't go overboard with the accessories as the outfit in itself is quite heavy here.

#19 The Classic Off-white Pakistani Sherwani

This version of sherwani is quite common in India and is favored the most as its available almost everywhere from online stores to street bazars. Its not only chic but looks absolutely stunning on men with longer body frames. This can easily be written off as the most common indian wedding guest male attire found in India.

#20 Or carry a dupatta with your sherwani

If you are the brother of the bride to be or the groom to be then you can all glamorous by wearing a designer sherwani and pairing it with a contrasting dupatta for a royal touch. It not only adds to the glam and bling factor but also will grab the utmost attention at the wedding function. Its best to pick such an outfit accompanied with a dupatta when the wedding is held at a marriage or wedding party hall.

#21 Chic simple designer Kurtas

Indian wedding guest outfits are best that are bright, simple and catchy. What better than wearing a bright colored designer kurta which is appealing and comfortable at the same time. Just remember to not go for blacks and lighter color outfits as Indian weddings demand louder outfits.

#22 Designer kurta with a waistcoat

Waistcoats are a staple fashion thing for the Indian men as they can be worn almost at any wedding function. But experiment with the kurta pattern and cuts for a more sophisticated look. This is a great outfit idea for male guests attending an Indian wedding.

#23 Sexy Cowl Kurtas

This wedding season you will witness men sporting the stylish cowl kurta , its sexy as hell, yes ! Cowl draped kurtas are not only stylish but style of kurta that is surely going to make you the star of the reception! one can never look overdressed with this one.

#24 Add a crop full sleeved jacket over Cowl kurtas

You can also throw a crop jacket to up the glam quotient of your cowl kurta.

#25 Or wear a waistcoat with a cowl kurta

#26 Nehru Jacket With Cowl Kurta

What to wear to an Indian wedding Reception as a guest?

#27 Heavy Bandhgala

Indian wedding reception outfits for male guests would mean bandhgalas that are tailored to perfection and paired with designer pants.

#28 Or wear a long bandhgala with chudidar pants.

#29 Indo western Sherwani

If there is one style of sherwani that is actually trending and most happening this wedding season its the Indo-western style of sherwani . One can easily see that it has become a hot favourite among the younger generation these days.

#30 Stylish Achkans

Can you ever go wrong with the classic knee length achkan? Absolutely not! Wear it with a solid coloured and well-tailored chudidar pants!

Pointers For Male guest Attending An Indian Wedding|| What Not To Wear At An Indian Wedding?

These were all the Indian wedding reception outfits men could sport with elan. Let us take a look at a few pointers now. Its the wedding season in India now and this season is no less than an Indian festival for us lined up with so many events to attend, crazy dancing and, of course, the delicious food. Wedding season is something I wait for each year. While it's all good to attend, dance and eat at a wedding, the only thing that might get you worried each year is your clothes and the mistakes you make while dressing up for a wedding.
#Avoid Overdressing: Its best to keep in mind the theme of the wedding and dress accordingly. Don't over accessorize as chances are more of you over shadowing the groom on his wedding day. Its best to keep it elegant and simple.
# Dress comfortably: If you are a guest from the groom to be's side then you should consider wearing comfortable clothes as you will have to be part of the Baraat which will have you dancing for long hours. But Indian weddings also demand a lot of drama hence you can also choose to wear something simpler for the 7 phera ceremony and jazz it up for the evening functions, as it’s common for guests attending an Indian weddings to do an outfit change. Remember to not wear too tight or very skimpy clothes.
# Say NO to funky dressing: It is considered disrespectful of you to show up in shorts, flip flops , sleeveless tees or any other revealing clothes at the wedding ceremony unless the wedding invitation requires you too. Avoid dressing skimpily to an Indian wedding . Its best to stick to Indian traditional clothing which is both elegant and cool. This rule applies for both the female guests and the male guests attending an Indian wedding. In short avoid dressing in unusual clothing at an Indian wedding and dress decently as elderly folks present at the venue dislike such outfits at weddings.
# Bling it up: Add some jazz to your outfits by sporting that expensive watch which has a few diamonds on it, or you can also go for classy cuff links or even you can accessorize your ethnic jackets with a gorgeous eye catchy brooch.

We all love Indian weddings for their celebration of color and style. Follow these pointers and wear clothes that reflect the happy and momentous occasion that an Indian wedding is all about. Have fun and do everything including the dancing and participate in the festivities. We hope this Indian wedding male guest guide will help you dress for your next Indian wedding!
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