35 Different Types Of Sandals For Ladies with Pictures

A woman can never have enough shoes! We are so very close to the sandal season. Almost. From stylish sandals to beach-ready sandals, with the right pair of sandals a girl can conquer the world! If you are daring to go the bare -legged way then it is best to put in some effort and get yourself some variety from the latest sandal collection topping the charts at the moment!

When it comes to flaunting your feet, why not do it proudly with some killer sandals and a good pedicure. The best part that we love about sandals is that they are easy to wear, oh-so comfortable, and go with almost everything. When the temperature is too high and you want your feet to feel sweat-free and stay cool all the time, you know its time you let your feet get a taste of the freedom of open air.  With so many options and loads to choose from all the different kinds of flats available in the shoe market , here is a simple guide for you peeps.

Summers or not, sandals hold a special place in a woman's heart which is why knowing the type of sandal that will suit you or the types of sandal that will make you feel like you were born to live in flats will turn out to be a useful skill next time you want to buy a fresh pair of em! Have you ever wondered just how many different types of sandals are there at your end to choose from? We won't be surprised if the answer is a 'No' as the ultimate list of the types of sandals just got longer and better and that is why we give you 35 different types of sandals that are trending and fall in the must-own category this sandal- season! With all the sandal knowledge on different kinds of flats you can turn into a sandal guru !

What are the different types of sandals?

If you are confused between sandals and other types of shoes its best to get an upgrade on your shoe definitions ladies. Popularly known as the summer sandals they are are famous for they are breezy, easy, and comfortable. Amazing thing about them is that they come in endless iterations. Sandals are generally categorized as any open form of footwear that exposes most of your feet and more often, your toes. Basically sandals are types of shoes that are preferred during the summers as they are high on comfort and style simultaneously. Lets say sandals are just skimpy clothing for your feet. With so many options of sandals circulating the market it may often leave you confused as to which pair of sandal might suit your personality best. No worries ladies, we are here to help you get through this with out easy sandal guide that will give you complete and total knowledge on the best type of sandal available in the market and the one you should settle for! So if if you're in need of a little sartorial inspiration keep reading through the lines below.

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Sandals are often considered the most sought after shoe trend for flaunting during the summers which is why we would easily grade the name types of flat sandals to ' types of shoes to sport during the spring-summer !

Types Of Sandals With Images

To get started, here are thirty-five types of sandals with photos that you should consider copping, like NOW ! Also if you are a footwear-lover like me you are going to love reading a lot more about the different types of sandals trending at the moment in the market ! Read on to know all the types of footwear for ladies with names.

#1 Gladiators

Popularly known as Roman-style sandals , this type of sandal is super strappy and very sexy in nature. They are a rage with college-goers for they are stylish and comfortable at the same time. Our favorite is the short variety which are appropriate for college and daily wear and do not require strapping all up and down your legs.

Gladiator sandals are the hottest rage this season. This can easily sum up as the trendiest type of flat sandal for ladies!

#2 Jelly sandals

Inspired by the 90's , this type of sandal is inexpensive, made up of usually translucent molded plastic and has made quite a comeback after 3 decades. These are made from plastic and might leave blisters if not found the right pair. They are great for summer as they are water-resistant and fun sandals to sport if you are going to spend more time in the water.

Jellies in candy-colors in all their plastic glory are still happening, only now, they're all grown up!

#3 Rope Sandals

The most ancient type of sandal known to man is vegan and formerly known as the ugly sandal. If you are the one who likes to live a eco-friendly life then this is just what you are looking for ! Most of the rope sandals are made from recyclable material and are machine washable, bonus points for that !

#4 Thong Sandals

These oh-so simple , yet sexy sandals are the simplest sandals ever. Thong sandals, also known as non-fashion flip-flops, consist of of a thin strap that passes between the first and second toes. Lately thong heel sandals have made a huge comeback and were spotted on lots of celebrities in the west.

#5 Saltwater sandals

Saltwater sandals are a must have for the summers as they are Suitable to wear in the water, be the pool, or the sea, and fully washable! These type of sandals feature a woven strap design, adjustable ankle strap and come in enough color options to fit all of your outfits this year. Their versatility makes them a favorite not just among the kids but the adults too. Whether you are planning a picnic by the pool, want to pair them with summer dresses and summer shorts, or you are running in and out of the sea after your children on a beach holiday, these are the best sandal style for you.Plus the water resistant properties means you can indulge in water fights, water play, exploring rock pools and paddling in the sea with your sandals on! This one is a major topper when it comes to the best in the different types of footwear list.

#6 Boho Sandals

This type of sandal is mostly emerging from the Mediterranean and young women are completely obsessed with them as they have detailing of tassel, fringes, lace-up, blingy elements in them. These shoes are fun, vibrant and exciting, also they’re a hot summer fashion trend anyone can pull off.
They are sandals inspired by the hippies and make a perfect choice for daily wear, college and nightclubs as well. If you feeling the boho look lately then you’ll love a killer pair of pom-pom lace up sandals this summer!

#7 T-strap sandals

T-strap sandals make a "T" shape across your feet and come in a variety of styles. this open silhouette style of sandal is ultra comfortable and a must have for this summer! T-Strap sandals are renowned for their eternally flattering cut and their elongating abilities. These are best for college and beach wear but its to avoid them to your workplace.

#8 Wedge Sandals

Most of the young and old women prefer a wedge over a stiletto any day for their comfort factor is way better when compared to the latter. They look great with maxi skirts, floor length anarkalis. mini's and much more. Wedges are best friends for women who are short and like to improve their posture and look a little taller without having to walk in dangerously pointed heels.My mom owns a single pair of heels and the rest are wedges! Most of the women wear heels to make their legs look longer, to make the body look thinner and to improve posture and the wedge sandals offer more support than stilettos or high heels. With a wedge heels the balance is easier and they do reduce the number of falls when compared to high heels.

#9 Chunky sandals

This for of sandal for ladies is ugly but real pretty.A clunky sandal is a great way to add a lot of interest to a bare-minimum outfit which is why its a go-to staple when you wear your summer dresses!

#10 Mule Flats

If exposed feet is not your style then a more covered option for you would be the mule flat.They're closed-toe in the front and open in the back.Wear them to work, dinner or even at the beach. Mule flats work perfectly with cropped pants , cut out jeans, work slacks or even a dress and can be dressed up or down as to fit any occasion. The cutout pattern in this style of flat mule sandal makes it the most desirable and one of the top sandal styles when it comes to different styles of flats.

#11 Strappy sandals

This type of sandal is considered the most elegant form of sandal. The most iconic thing about this type of strappy sandals is that they are walk-able, ultra-minimalist, low-key , can be flat or have a little wedge heel and also is appropriate to wear it to dinner or night out with your friends!

#12 Dad sandals

These type of sandals for ladies won't wreck your feet on a vacation. Oh so travel friendly and perfect for summer travelling! Though they are truly comfy they have been given the title for being  the ugliest shoe trend ever. We would like to state this type of sandal for ladies as ugly-chic in their own sophisticated way. It is inspired from the shoe most men prefer in their 30's-40's and are quite functional made with Velcro straps that are orthopedic. The dad sandal usually has a chunky sole to give maximum foot support and does not look out of the place when worn with a pair of socks!We say you pair some glitter socks with this to let your style scream ugly-chic in all sense ! If you are having thoughts like' is it ok to wear socks with sandals?' . this sandal is your answer ladies !

#13 Sport sandals

Three words to describe this type of sandal would be comfort, support, and femininity.The two forefoot straps give this sandal its feminine design while allowing to walk miles preventing blisters. The ankle and heel strap keeps your foot in the sandal so you can walk with a powerful stride.

#14 Toe-loop Sandals

This summer its all about the toe-ring. This type of sandal is comfortable to walk in, easy to slip into and can work with just about anything you wear without really having to try. This type of flat shoes is not only flat but functional too and are quite a favorite among the comfort loving fashionistas. The Toe Straps are much more trendier than the toe rings sandal. From heeled sandals to flat slides, the toe loop here to take your sandal game up a notch.

#15 Wedge sneakers

Wedges just got more outrageous. When wedges came back in style in the 1990's it was all about the wedge sneakers . Both regular platform sneakers and wedge platform sneakers became a rave among the crowd. These high wedge sneakers are also a fav among a lot of celebrities .

#16 Hiking sandals

Though not the first choice of footwear when it comes to hiking this type of footwear for ladies is considered the best type of sandal for walking! One of the most popular hiking sandal is by Teva and its a cult favorite in the outdoors world. Hiking sandals usually are built with rugged soles and thick reliable straps and have a closed rubber toe and maximum ankle support.

#17 Platform Sandals

Shoes have been worn to make oneself look taller for a long time now and with emergence of platforms it just got better. All those short ladies have something new to dig into. This style of sandal dates as far back as the ancient Greeks. The platform sandals have a platform sole and are increase height of the wearer. The latest to enter the platform bandwagon are the platform sneakers and platform wedges those who who like to wear heels, this is a fun way to do it !

#18 Slide sandals

This type of sandal for women is probably the biggest trend going this year , 2018. Slide sandals are sophisticated and timeless. Their sleek minimalist styling and ridiculous comfort level is one of the reasons why its the most sort out sandal style out there.

#19 Espadrilles

From being the peasant shoe to have become the seasons must have shoe, the espadrilles have come a long way since the 13th century . This particular type of footwear for ladies was created to be simple and functional. Espadrilles usually have a flexible sole made of rope or rubber material. The sole of the shoe is made from a plant called esparto. Whether jet-setting on vacation or heading to a summer getaway, espadrilles with little wedge and bright colors will instantly take your look to the next level. Espadrilles are easy, yet can be dressed up or down.Whether this type of sandal is glammed up or understated, there is a style for just about everyone.

#20 Flip-Flops

The most common form of sandals for ladies would be the flip-flop style. these sandals are made from rubber and mostly seen on young girls attending college. They are popular for their simplicity and inexpensive price tag. Flip-flops keep your feet cool, they’re easy to throw on, and they come in a zillion colors and styles that just about anyone can love. Famous for being casual and chic all at once. Their fun factor and friendliness has appealed the younger generation but they have a downside as they don't offer any arch or heel support, and the one wearing it has to grip them with their toes to keep them on.

#21 Clear Sandals

One of the hottest sandal trend that has creeped up the ladder to the top is the see through plastic trend. This style is very refreshing and not everybody's cup of tea. The transparency factor of these sandals have been celebrity-approved and now popular as naked sandals. This type of flat sandals is kind of fun if you like to be a little more daring in your wardrobe choices.

 Clear heels are another variation on this trend that is popular right now. Plexiglas heels or PVC details, to expose the feet. Fashionistas have branded them the go-to sandals for summer 2018. If you’re a true fashionista you must grab them like NOW!

#22 Embellished Sandals

If you are into pretty big bows, colored or neutral pompoms, huge ruffles, etc.then the embellished flat sandal is your trend to sport this season.. The jeweled factor of this sandal makes it the Best flat shoes of 2018. For they are a savior for brides when they can't dance and run around in heels at their weddings. Embellished sandals or bejeweled sandals . I would prefer a pair of embellished sandals over a stiletto any day for they are high on bling factor and are eye catchy at the same time. If you are a bling lover like us you must own a pair to add some sparkle to a low-key ensemble!

 We all love a precious stone studded heel but comfort has always been the major thing when it comes to shoes and many women have preferred sandals over heels and this type of sandal is what women choose when it comes to festivities.

#23  Loafer sling backs

The latest chic and spontaneous sandals in the market are the loafer sling backs. they are the most comfortable shoe to wear at work.

#24 Sculptural heel sandal

The smaller sculptural heel gives you comfort plus style doubled in one. These chic pair of footwear is great if you are an art lover or a sandal collector. They are latest and modern shoe trend of 2018.

One of the most alluring and tempting sculptural sandals is the flare in flame leather sandal by Prada. *Drool*

#25 Clog sandals

With the trend of being uncool cooler than being actually cool , the most unpolished shoe has climbed up the ladder of the fashion must haves! In short a clog sandal is a kind of a shoe, kind of a sandal. All kinds of good.

#26 Leather Sandals

They can be considered the least fashion sandals as they are mostly worn for the comfort and durability the sandals have to offer.

#27 Kolhapuri Sandals

These are a type of sandals worn mostly by North Indians as traditional wear. Famous among the Asians they look great with ethnic wear and are preferred by women of all ages for the comfort level it has to offer. They are comfortable, classic and quintessential form of Footwear. Originated from Kolhapur town, the Kolhapuri chappals/sandals have been every woman's favorite.

They have never gone out of style and still make for a classic type of footwear when it comes to dressing up the traditional way and the Kolhapuri wedges are a favorite among short Asian women who love to wear their sarees!

#28 Greek Wrap Sandals

Get Greek chic. If you are not that into the gladiator sandals that snake all the way up your calf or feel needlessly complicated you can opt for a softer version of the sandal called the greek sandal.

#29 Birkenstock Style Sandals

One of the most top-selling style of sandal that will go with everything are the Birkenstocks ! Birkenstocks have a soft footbed design features an added layer of foam on top of the signature contoured cork footbed for extra cushioning. From being the ugly shoe to the trendiest shoe, Birkenstocks have a long way.

#30 High-heeled sandal

The most common type of sandal with an elevated heel. They allow the wearer to have an open shoe while being less casual or more formal, depending on the style of the sandal. The sleek stiletto is the most popular types of heels for dresses!

 This kind of sandal is the most pleasing to the eye and also the most flattering and is most sorted by women who want to add some height and posture to their body frames.

Another famous types of heels for dresses would be the block heel version. This version of the high heel is much more wearable and less painful , though not that elegant. But it looks extremely elegant when worn the right way.

#31 Multi Strap Sandals

These sandals also famous by the name 'caged sandals'. The front of the sandals has a plenty of straps forming a cage like pattern at the front.

A caged sandal is a statement sandal in itself and can elevate any summer outfit you wear. Just wear a light colored dress and pair it with caged sandals of your choice to add some pizazz to your outfit.

#32 Lace up Sandals 

If you are a statement sandal lover you can easily term this type of footwear as the best flat sandals of the year! These sandals are quirky and will make your newest pedicure really stand out. Lace up sandals are super comfortable and ridiculously cute. You can easily creative with how you tie them around your ankle — weaving them up your calf could look great on days you're wearing a mini dress or skirt!

#33 Woven flats

Now weaving isn't just for basket bags, these amazing basket weaved types of sandals are quite a rage with flat shoe lovers. Women have started thinking differently and have chosen to skip the likes of the shoes that cause unnecessary discomfort and towering heights towards sandals and flats that are equal parts wearable and style-driven. With these basket flats you can enter the blister free zone and look stylish all at the same time. Braided and woven sandals have made it to the top list of the latest sandal trend of 2019.

#34 Crochet sandals

Comfy, spring goodness with these light.They are perfect for warm spring and summer days when you would rather not be barefoot, but socks are too warm. If you are feeling to wear a creation of your own then you can even DIY a pair of crochet sandals with the help of some yarn and flip flops.

#35 Slingback Pumps

Try summer's slingback sandal trend with these sleek slingback pump s. Featuring pointy toe, slingback upper and barely there heel is great for this summer!


Not every moment is made for high heels. Sometimes, it's best to kick off those bad boys, and step onto a cloud of comfort. This season has seen a lot of incredible new sandals styles crop up among which the ones that make a statement stand out the most. After all, it would be hard to find a woman who could live all summer in just one pair of sandals. The pair you chose to wear to the beach might not be right for brunch, and the ones you keep spiffed up for work might not be appropriate for a picnic in the park. Which is why we've rounded up a few key statement sandal trends that are not going anywhere and are her to set hearts ablaze his year 2018-2019.

# Curved Beach Toe Ring Sandal

Whether you are going on vacation or heading to a summer BBQ, these bright orange espadrilles instantly take your look to the next level.

#Tall Gladiator  Sandals

Inspired form Alexander Wang these tall gladiators reach your knees and the flat ones are a great fashion staple for this summer. Style, oomph and comfort. what more could you ask for?

#Pom-Pom Boho Sandals

If you love all things cute and colorful , this pair is just for you!

#Hippie Owl Sandals

Boho, cutsie and shiny — what more could you want? If statement footwear is your thing, these hippie owl sandals are for you.

#Buckle Accent Fipflops

Who knew wearing flip-flops could get you tons of attention? Wear these studded statement sandals with everything from sundresses and jumpsuits to denim shorts and skirts.

# Feathery Lace Ups

Add a splash of boldness to your whole ensemble in the form of these gorgeous huge feathered lace up sandals ! This one is by far my most favorite among the different styles of flats to pick up this season!

#Minimalist Studded Sandals

If your style is all about styling it minimal you will love this shiny pair of minimalist strap sandals. We love ! This different style of flat sandal is sure to make your feet an envy for others.

# Cutout Pastel Sandals

This is the year of pastels, and the colour trend extends to everything, including pretty flats. This pastel colored cutout sandals are the coolest sandals and look oh-so-exquisite!

#Over The Top Embellished Flat Sandals

More is merrier this sandal season. More the embellishments the better! If you are the person who loves an embellished flat , rock this strappy sandal with pearls.

#Buckled Up Goodness

Buckled straps along with animal print , love these strappy and chic Greek like sandals. Hot, hot.hot , we say ! Love such types of flat sandals for ladies. Must buy ladies !

# PVC Wedges

Hopping onto spring's clear PVC trend, these clear PVC wedged sandals feel like the perfect pair to sport this summer !

Which pair are you thinking of wearing this summer? Have you shopped for your favorites already?  We know—there are just so many good ones to choose from. Hopefully our ultimate types of sandals guide has helped you refine your sandal choices. We will soon be sharing types of sandals for men, keep an eye for that one too!

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