DIY Rose Ring Tutorial #LetsDIY

DIY Projects or 'Do It Yourself' crafts have a charm of their own as beyond helping you save a few bucks they also empower you and help you improve your natural talents. DIY jewelry has been a favourite on Bling Sparkle here and you are going to see a lot of DIY posts and tutorials in the coming future. :)

If you have been following me on my personal blog, you will know that I love DIYs and anything to do with craft. I love jewelry equally so I thought of combining these two terms to double up the joy and voila! Here's presenting you my first DIY Jewelry rose ring project which is super easy to make and requires jut 2-3 things to get started.
Let me be truthful, I didn't know how to make this ring myself just yesterday but after a few tries in the night I was able to achieve something pretty today in the morning and I will be sharing the tutorial for the same with you folks now :D

What You'll Need:

  • An old metal bangle
  • A round object which is the size of your finger (I used one of my old lipsticks :P)
  • Pliers
 I don't own pliers specialized for jewelry yet so I used the basic ones available at my home. If you have jewelry pliers then it would be better to use those. Anyways these will do the job as well!
 Cut the bangle to get started. I used pliers to cut my bangle, you can use a screw driver and hammer too for a perfect cut.
Now take your round object(lipstick in my case) and place it above the cut metal bangle as shown in the image above. 

 Neatly twist the bangle around the round object to get that perfect circle. You can remove the bangle and try it on your finger now before proceeding to see whether the ring fits you. Put the bangle back on the round object as it is easier to work this way and now make a loop as shown in image 5 and start twisting the bangle to form a rose.
I have kept one end short here and one long as this makes it easier to lock the ends. When the first end is completely rolled in twist the other end above it.
Now remove the ring from the round object and carefully tuck in the extra wire inside the hollow of the rose. Try it on your finger to see if there are any sharp ends and mend them.

.. and you are done! Flaunt away your art work like a Boss! This ring is a perfect gift for your best friend or someone whom you want to gift something with a personal touch :) If my friends gifted me such self made rings, I would treasure them and take care of them until the end of the world! :P *no kidding*

This is nothing much fancy but I think a great job for a starter! *wink* I am SO excited to try out more DIYs and share it with you all! :D

If you have any doubts about the steps, please feel free to ask :)


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