Essenza Di Wills Bathing Bar Review - Ignite

I love love love the products by Fiama Di Wills for their AMAZING fragrance, every product from them smells like heaven! I happened to visit their store here in Jayanagar 3rd Block and was mesmerized by the serene smelling products in their beauty section. That's when I picked up this Essenza Di Wills bathing bar in the flavour 'ignite' which smelt more divine than any of the other products in the store!

They have a whole range of products for each flavor. This soap which I picked up has a Body spray, a perfume and also a body lotion which smell ditto but have varied staying power. I SO wanted to pick up the perfume in this range but it was oh-so-expensive O_o. However, I bought the body spray which did burn my pocket but hey! Who leaves such an amazing product behind?!! :P (Review coming up soon)

Price: INR 100 for 100g

Picture taken from @essenzadiwills Instagram account
First things first, this soap is very different from the other usual soaps by Fiama Di Wills which are translucent in color (they smell divine too) but they wash away very quickly. But this soap has a different texture and consistency altogether, it does not wash away fast and the scent from this soap is not as overpowering as the other usual Fiama Di Wills products - which is actually a plus point! I feel this is one the best soaps available in India. 


  • Gives a premium luxury feel
  • It smells really really amazing and the scent is not overpowering - perfect for sensitive noses.
  • Soap doesn't wash away easily when not in use
  • Value for money ^_^
  • Lovely packaging
  • Comes with a soap holder which can be reused after the soap is finished
  • Has a hydrating feel
  • Does not irritate skin
  • The scent lingers even for 1-2 hours using it
  • It's not harsh to the skin


  • Availability is an issue. I have hardly seen the Essenza Di Wills range in a drugstore.
  • Contains parabens

Overall, Essenza Di wills Ignite bathing bar is a  really amazing soap which I feel has not been advertised enough. If you like soaps which give you a luxury feel that too on a budget (INR 100) than you should definitely try it. You will love the fragrance and the smooth finish it gives for sure!

Bling Sparkle rating: 4/5

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