Garnier Sun Control Daily Moisturiser Review ~ SPF15

A good moisturizer is a must have especially during the current winter chills when the skin is most sensitive. Garnier Sun Control Daily Moisturiser is more of a glow cream then a moisturiser, it acts like a moisturiser+cream+sun block all in one that's why I totally love it! Read on to know more..


140 for 50ml


Packaging is something where Garnier never disappoints. This moisturizer comes in a cute white container with an orange screw in cap. The packaging is not suit through but its totally travel friendly.

Shelf Life:

36 months


It smells good. This is another thing I love about Garnier products, the scent from them is pretty loud but not one bit irritating. This moisturiser smells like an ice cream - Yumm!

My experience with the Garnier Sun Control Daily Moisturiser:

When I not in the mood for much makeup and want a natural look I opt for this moisturizer and it does a great job at imparting a nice glow to my face and makes it look more fresh and bright. I have combination and hyper sensitive skin and very limited products suit me and surprisingly, this product suits me very well. It does not irritate my skin but it does make my skin a bit greasy and stiff.


  • Imparts a healthy glow
  • Has SPF 15
  • You can skip foundation after applying this( If you don't have too many imperfections on your face like me)
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Acts a good sun shield
  • Smells good
  • Easily available
  • Value for money


  • It's more like a glowing lotion than a moisturizer. Doesn't work well as a moisturiser. Actually, you will need a moisturizer below this!
  • Cannot be used before applying makeup as it can leave your skin oily/greasy over time.

How I use it: 

I take some product in my palms and gently massage it into my skin. Make sure you use it after cleansing your face.

Bling Sparkle Rating: 4/5


 I LOVE the Garnier Sun Control Daily Moisturiser. Yes, it did make my whole skin greasy when I applied it as a makeup base but then I think it's just not meant for that. I have started using it like a morning lotion to start my day with. I just LOVE the glow it imparts and it does it's job well as a sun block so yes - I recommend it!

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