Wet N Wild Mega last Cat suit Liquid Lipstick In Missy And Fierce: Review

I have always watched you-tubers use international liquid lipsticks with fascination and wondered if I could ever get to own any one of them . You might notice that liquid lipsticks are the rage in the beauty circle nowadays. My first liquid lipstick experience was not a good one and I ended up thinking liquid lipsticks are the most drying lipsticks . But was I wrong? Hell yeah!

After having a bad experience with the Incolor Matte me Liquid Lipstick I decided to stray away from the idea of using a liquid lipstick but thanks to the famous NYX soft matte lip creams the whole lip cream or liquid lipstick thing started to make sense. After watching a couple of beauty videos I had concluded that liquid lipsticks are not as bad as I had labelled them to be. It wasn’t long when I placed an order for a couple of liquid lipsticks from affordable international brands on Amazon.com . Today I will be reviewing one such amazing liquid lipstick I bought from my Amazon haul.

I have loved Wet N Wild ever since I used their affordable line of lipsticks {Megalast Matte Lipstick in Don’t Blink Pink} . I always love brands that have an extremely affordable line of makeup which actually might give the high end brands a run for their money. I was lusting after their cat suit matte liquid lipstick just after their release . But I wasn’t sure how the texture would turn out to be hence I bought a  single shade for testing and boy did it blow me away? with Matte lipsticks taking over the beauty world, it can easily be concluded that the matte trend is here to stay and doesn’t intend to go anywhere for atleast another few of the seasons.
If you are one of those who struggle with extremely dry lips after applying a liquid lipstick but love them for the staying power, then this is a liquid lipstick you must invest in. These are affordable and don’t dry the lips THAT much. They give you a pretty high end product without breaking the bank. This product meets all expectations you are expecting from a liquid lipstick. from the pricing factor to the formula , you have your lippy dreams come true ! Even though it has cons it does stand out due to its affordability ! Lets dig into the review now.

Price and Quantity: 4.99 USD for
Variant being Reviewed: Missy N Fierce

Other Variants:

Rebel Rose, Coral corruption, Berry Recognize, Flame of the Game, Video Vixen,Nice To fuschia, Give Me Mocha,Nudie patootie, Pink Really Hard, Berry recognize, Oh My Dolly, Goth Topic
One Word: Fabulous!


It came in a short thick clear tube which allows you to see the product clearly. It has a cap which is black in color and the tube is quite heavy and gives an illusion of being very expensive which I like. The bottom of the tube has a sticker with the shade name and the amount of product in the tube. The applicator attached to the cap is amazing. The applicator wand is made in a way that it reaches the toughest parts of your lips and helps you grab every part of our pouty lip. I noticed many of them comparing the packaging of this to the liquid lipsticks by jeffrey Star Liquid Lipsticks. I loved the cruelty free logo with name of the brand on one side of the clear tube while the other side has a woman in a catsuit, how cute is that ? I simply loved the packaging of this fierce baby!


The texture of this liquid lipstick is thin and dries after a minute of application. It settles in a complete matte finish and might crumble if you apply two to three cats. I prefer going with a single coat as a single swipe gives full coverage. It does not bleed or feather once it settles down. If applied on chapped lips, it begins to accentuate your lip lines and crumbles from the center of the lips.


It is super pigmented and I do not have to go over with a second coat. It is highly pigmented and will cover any flaws on the lips.
Fragrance: it has a chemical fragrance to it which Actually liked.

Staying Power:

Now this is the best thing about this liquid lipstick. It beats Milani Amore liquid lipstick when it comes to staying power. It lasts for about 6 hours and does not move until you remove it with a oil based makeup remover. I tried wiping it away with a wipe and water but it simply wouldn’t budge and would leave a dark stain. It starts to flake away from the center when you have a meal. I prefer going over with a moisturizing lipstick over it rather than removing it completely and reapplying it all over again,.
Shade/ Colour: A gorgeous deep fierce red.

My experience:

  I had already watched a lot of videos while selecting the shade. I knew a lot about this particular liquid lipstick . When I received it I tried it on lips that weren’t exfoliated and it started to crumble, because its obvious matte lipsticks are best worn with exfoliated lips. Hence I later tried it after exfoliating them and boy did it budge? it stayed for almost 9 hours with the center of the lower lip starting to fade with every thing i ate or drank. I was a little shaky when applying it and hence i went over to correct it and I must admit if you get it wrong its hard to get it right. Which is why i would prefer a lip liner underneath. I tried applying it on a lip balm the other day and even though it had dried I felt a little stickiness. Hence the lipstick is best worn over exfoliated lips and moisturized lips. Once you have applied lipbalm you clean it away with cotton after a few minutes and apply the lipstick.
Overall i was pretty impressed with the pigmentation and staying power but i was a little let down by the color which is a dark red than a fierce one on my skin tone. It was a different shade while I had watched it on youtubers. Other than that i had no qualms at all. If you are a lover for bold deep reds this is a must buy for you! Wet N wild mega last cat suit liquid lipstick in Missy n fierce would look gorgeous on all Indian skin tones.


This is not available in India . But you can buy it from Amazon.com, they ship internationally and provide free shipping for $50.

Whats Good:

  • Pigmented, Matte and Long wearing
  • Amazing doe foot applicator which allows even application of lipstick
  • Great staying power
  • Lovely packaging
  • Cruelty free
  • Comes in a variety of shades
  • Travel friendly
  • Does not bleed or feather
  • fabulous matte texture
  • Not too drying

What could be Better:

  • Wish it was available in india Hoping Nykaa brings Wet N Wild to india soon.
  • The texture could be a little more creamy.

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★/5

Would I buy this product again?brown shade- Give me mocha from this range !‘

Do I recommend this?

Yes, absolutely ! Its a steal deal for liquid lipstick lovers or long-lasting lip color lovers and the best part they are quite affordable! If you can get your hands on them then trying three of the best shades ‘Berry Recognize, Give me mocha and Missy And Fierce’ would be a must for they are amazing
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