10 Feather Cut Hairstyles That Indian Celebs Rocked | Feather Cut Hairstyles That will Suit Indian Women

With several B-Town actresses experimenting with their hair, a very popular hairstyle many actresses have preferred over time is the 'Feather cut' hairstyle. The feather cut hairstyle looks great on Indian face shape and this might actually be the reason of them opting to go for this hairstyle. From the queen of beauty 'Aishwarya Rai bachahchan' to the sassy lady 'Shilpa Shetty', all these actresses have a similarity, they have tried the 'Feather cut hairstyle in the past.

Indians love Bollywood and are greatly influenced by their favorite characters of a movie or even their favrite stars for a matter of fact. They go on to imitate their makeup, dressing and hairstyle. There is no doubt that Bollywood plays a vital role in indian fashion Industry and Bollywood actors are trendsetters. These so called styles , especially 'hairstyles' by our iconic stars are imitated highly in india. Every time I login to youtube I see several youtube videos of tutorials of makeup and hairstyle of the latest celebrity attending a red carpet event or an award ceremony.

One such trend started by the Bollywood beauties is the feather cut hairstyle. They broke the boundaries by setting a trend while going for a feather cut hairstyle for short to mid length hair. The were successful in breaking the stereotype of the feather cut hairstyle which was mostly for the long and dense hair.

Why get a Feather Cut Hairstyle ?

Feather like wispy ends with sharp layered hair done with complex scissor cutting techniques forms a feather cut hairstyle. The end result is your hair looking sharper and it even makes you look younger. The feather cut hairstyle has a lot of variations and many of them look absolutely drop dead gorgeous on Indian face cut which is why you can showcase your trendy side by getting a feather haircut!

You might wonder why so many Bollywood actors chose to go with this beautiful feather cut hairstyle. The simple reason might be because it suits all shapes and sizes and gives the face a fresh and breezy look. Its a kind of hairstyle that gives a textured effect and yet feels airy and breezy a the same time. Many hairstylists in india have done a wonderful job by giving a beautiful feather cut hairstyle to our celebs. With a lot of pressure on indian celebs to look good every single time, a feather cut hairstyle s instant glamour without having to put in effort as a beautiful hairstyle is the cherry on the cake that frames your face and makes you appear glamorous!
I personally love this haircut and belivee you need a professional hairstylist to the feather cut done perfectly!
Feather cut hairstyle is also famous as it gives people with thin hair a textured and voluminous appearance. Not just this , the feather cut looks amazing when done on short and long hair !
A feather cut hairstyle looks stunning on indian women and our very own Bollywood beauties are best examples for this!

A feather hairstyle can be classic and modern depending on what kind of look you want. A feathered haisrtyle can be rocked with bangs, fringes, bobs and curly hair, this might just be the best part of a feather cut hairstyle. A feather cut hairstyle looks super stylish if you have dense and voluminous hair but will look absolutely stunning when done on fine and short hair. Highlights with a feather cut also is trend these days and many of the celebs have been spotted considering this hairstyle.

The Influence Of Feather Cut Hairstyle And Its Imitation In India

Not that Bollywood celebrities even our silver screen stars ooze a charm and glamour and many of us Indians imitate them blindly! All of our Indian celebrities express themselves best with a unique hairstyle in real and reel life and we love to imitate them. We are greatly influenced by the hairstyles sported by Indian celebs. All of this states that indian fashion industry is largely ruled by our silver screen and Bollywood celebrities, which is why when a celeb changes a hairstyle , it turns into a latest trend and women and men across India are seen with the hairstyle.
The 'Feather cut' Hairstyle has been highly imitated as it looked amazing on our celebrities and magazines and newspapers were flooded with pictures with our heroines sporting this beautiful textured feather like hairstyle.

When a fusion of a feather cut hairstyle combined with other fun types of hairstyles is made we get to see a lot of super stylish feathered hairstyles that would look great on Indian women. As feather cut hairstyles are versatile they look pretty good with a lot of hairstyles.

Here are a few feathered hairstyles carried by our Indian celebrities which have made a mark and inspired a lot of Indians to go ahead with the hairstyle:

1. Modern Feathered Hairstyle For Medium length Hair:

This feathered hairstyle looks amazing on an oval shaped face and has a lot of scrunching going on with inward and outward edged curling. Deepika padukone looks amazing and Indian beauties can carry of this feather cut hairstyle with ease. Its glamorous yet understated and gives your hair a voluminous look! This hairstyle also looks great with a winter womens hats to give it an extra touch of glamour.

2.Fringe Feather Hair Cut:

A fringe with a feathered hairstyle and long hair with feathered edges are LOVE ! They make you look super cute and have a funky touch to them. The feathered bangs on the forehead makes it even more prettier. If you want something rock chic yet sweet , this is the perfect hairstyle for you . This would suit thin framed women and look lovely on women with huge foreheads going for bangs.

3.Layered Poker Straight Feathered hairstyle:

Not all are blessed with thick hair and those who have fine hair can also go for the feather cut hairstyle. The hairstyle has feathered ends and has in curls which makes it even more lovelier. It works with medium length hair and would suit a round shape face giving it a textured look, which means your hair won't look flat ! The loose ends of the feathered ends frame the fame and hand around the shoulders making it very pretty.

4. Prick and Prim Feathered Hair cut

this is a type of feather cut hairstyle who wants to keep it simple and neat and yet want a feathered edge to their hair cut! Middle parted neat feathered hairstyle has a few highlights going on at the ends.

5. Thick Feathered Long hairstyles:

his one is the most glamorous feathered hairstyle among the whole list here. feather hair cut on silky hair with a few highlights going here and there is a great thing and looks absolutely stunning on Indian women no matter what age they are. This kind of feather cut hairstyle would be tricky with women having fine hair, best tried on women with thick and dense hair. This might actually be the most common and popular hairstyle in india. Almost all salons have hair stylist who excel in this kind of hair cutting technique.  It makes you look beautiful without having to actually do any kind of hairstyle and increases your self confidence.

6. Short Feathered Hair cut:

Here the lower parts of the hair have a feathered haircut while the upper portion remains simple and sweet. This one can be termed as a safe and sweet hairstyle and can be adopted at any phase of your life and on any hair type.

7. Very Short Feathered Hairstyle:

Short hair problems? Well well you can rock a feather cut hairstyle even in short hair , as a matter of fact the feathered hair cut can give your short hair the much needed glamour and charm!  the feathered edging begins at the ends of your eyebrow line and makes you look pretty ! The best part about this type of feather cut hairstyle is its no maintenance hairstyle! This kind of feathered hairstyle is in vogue and have been imitated by a lot of Indian working women who have very little time on their hands and want to keep their hair from looking limp and yet want it to be no maintenance thing.

8. Messier And Merrier feather Cut Hairstyle:

We Indians have jet black hair, at least most of us in the south. Its usually thick as we are forbidden to cut it in our college days and when we are out from college we want to break from the thick braids and get a fresh hairstyle, this messy feather cut hairstyle would be excellent for those with thick hair and want some experimenting with their dense locks. This is the most sought after feather cut hairstyle by indian college going girls as it looks trendy and stylish when left open. A lot of Indian actresses have been seen with this haircut and it looks great on indian Hair.
The messy feather cut

9. Pixie And The Feather Cut Fusion:

If you are the one who wants to go bold and want a very edgy pixie like feather cut hairstyle then you have the answer right down in the picture below ! Love the way Gul panag manages to rock her feathered haircut or undercut . In spite of the very short hair the feather cut on the top most portion her hair gives it a glamorous and soft look. This is a combination of two hairstyles and is very chic and modern.

10. The Desi Version Of The Feather Cut Hairstyle:

We Indians love volume, be it in our outfits or hairstyles or even hair cuts, we love the TEXTURE ! Wispy feathered ends that give a desi voluminous feather look is what we love ! This picture of gorgeous Madhuri dixit does justice to the desi version of the feather cut hairstyle! It looks lightweight and frames the face beautifully !

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