15 Henna Mehndi Designs which look Like Real Jewelery

Mehndi is derived from the Sanskrit word 'mendhikā'. Mehndi design is nothing but the art of colouring hands and legs with the Henna paste derived from the Lawsonia inermis(scientific name for the Henna tree).

Today I will be sharing a very unique set of Henna mehndi deisgns with you all. What makes them unique you ask? Well, it's the fact that these henna mehendi designs actually look like real jewelry!

These Henna Tattoos are perfect for any occasion and can go well with any western or ethnic outfit.

1. Henna Mehndi Tattoo For Back. (Best to flaunt on off-shoulder dresses and deep cut blouse sarees)

2. Earring/ earcuff lookalike Henna Mehndi Tattoo design for ears #SoSexy

3. Henna Mehndi Bracelet design for hands

4. Henna Mehandi Hand harness design for hand back side

5. Henna Tattoo Earcuff design for ears

6. Henna mehndi ring tattoo art for fingers

7. Henna Mehndi bracelet tattoo design for hands

8.Henna Mehndi necklace art design for neck 

9.Henna Mehndi Hand harness design for hands

10. Henna mehndi ring tattoo art for fingers

11.Henna Mehndi Hand harness design for hands

12. Henna Mehndi hand cuff design for hands

13.Henna mehndi art for hand back side

14.Henna mehndi hand harness look-alike design for hand back side.

15.Henna Mehndi rings design for fingers

Which of these do you like? I am crushing on 1,2,8,10 and 15! ^_^

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