15 Chic braided hairstyles for long hair

Braided or plait hairstyles are very popular with Indian women having  medium or long black hair. I personally prefer braids as they are simple to make and my best bet for Indian summers. Hair buns updos also are good for summer but they tend make people look a bit mature and open hair well is simple not manageable by a clumsy person like me. 

Hair braids are something majority of Indian girls will have indulged in since school time. I remember wearing two plaits to school and hated the very tidy boring look but braided hairstyles if done right can look super chic. Braid styles are very versatile and can be worn on any occasion with a little tweaking and smart accessorizing. A date, college, work, party, wedding, festivals, you name the occasion and there is a braided hairstyle to fit into it. Braids can also be worn by women with all hair lengths and hair types and there are plenty of accessories you can play with 

Braided hairstyles can be classified into 5 broad styles

  • Super simple three strand braid
  • Four strand braid
  • Dutch Braid
  • French braid
  • Twisted braid
There are a hundreds of braided hairstyles out there, all variations and elaborate versions based on these 5 broad styles. If you are experimental and a creative side you can weave in your own braided hairstyle with some inspiration. 

Here I bring to you a collection of 20 chic Braided hairstyles for women with long hair. 

#1 Messy Fishtail Braided hairstyle

A loose fishtail braid gives a very glam messy look and is hot in trend these days with bollywood celebrities all thanks to its manageability.  This is an easy hairstyle for college girls and goes well with both Indian and western wear. When doing the messy look use a tiny bit of hairspray to keep hair in place.

#2 Funky fun hippie braided hairstyle  

Braids can be funky too. Try this fun braid which look like double hairbands and leave rest of your hair open. For the perfect fun beach braid look let your hair dry naturally and style it as is.

#3 Ponytail braid

This is my favourite braid as it is so easy to do and doesnt lack in impact too. If you love ponytails then add a bit of twist to them and try this pony braid by making a thin side braid and then pulling all your hair and the thin braid into a high pony. I like to add some colour by using beads in the thin braid you can also try it .

#4 Zig zag dutch braid

If dutch braid is your thing try this coll new zig zagging pattern and finish of the lower part in a neat fishtail braid. This hairstyle is sure to draw eyeballs in a crowd.

#5 Side twisted rope braid

Rope braids are the new trend and they look super romantic and are easy to style too. This side twisted rope braid can be tried by girls with thick hair of both medium or long length. This will also give you nice natural next day curls ;)

#6 Half up braided bun

Half up hairs are super glam and chic but have you tried giving it a braided twist? Pull the top half of a hair into a fishtail braid and then wrap and pin it around the middle to make a chic half braided updo.

#7 Dreamy disney  bead braided slant hairstyle

#8 Braided ponytail hairstyle with messy flicks

#9 water fall braid and side fistail

#10 Unique double fishtail braid hairstyle

#11 Half up fishtail braid style

#12 Waterfall braided half up half down hairstyle with curls

#13 Loose skeleton braid style

Skeleton  braid are a wee bit difficult to do but nothing a little practice cant fix. Make it loose for more volume and to face thick lucious hair . Find a tutorial here

#14 chic half up braided style with a ribbon

#15 funky slant half up braid

Tips for getting a perfectly pretty braided hairstyle

  • For a neat and prim proper braided hairstyle try braiding it when it is still wet or a little damp
  • A casual braided look is best when it is messy and loose . after you you are done with braiding pull a little to give volume and look messy
  • For a more textured boho look never let the rubber band show. Wrap some of your hair around the elastic and hold it with a bobby pin discreetly at the bottom
  • For braided hairstyle light hairspray is essential to keep hair in place
  • If you are new to braids start of with simple three strand braids in front of mirror and then gradually move to french braids

Are you inspired by any of these chic braided styles? which will you try?

Disclaimer: We do not claim ownership of any image in this post.

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