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Box8 review

Few days back I had to pay a visit to the bank to deposit my money and I was dead tired when I came back home after 5 tedious hours of waiting and waiting and some waiting in a loooooooooong queue until it was my turn . I had planned on eating out but after the long wait I had zero energy to even walk up to a restaurant and was back home in no time. All I wanted to do then was sleep but I was very hungry for and sleep was far away on an empty stomach. I didn't want to google restaurant reviews, I was already too weak for that. After Freshmenu I wanted to try something similar but unique,that’s when I installed the Box8 app and ordered a meal and few other food items. Since I had already heard a lot about Box8 on social media like twitter and instagram I was not hesitant and ordered a veg meal. The order was delivered even before the delivery time and did it match my expectations? Boy , you have no idea ! It was like I had always waited to eat something so tasty!

Box8 food app review

Box8 App Review:
Browsing on the app was smooth , minor gripe being it took a tad bit late to open up other than that i had no issues with the Box8 app. You can find the app on Google play store and once you have installed the app, the app fires up and you are asked to enter your location after which the app fetches the products . The app is organized well, user friendly and they have a huge menu which is categorized neatly. Navigating through the categories and placing my order was breeze and I had placed my order within a span of ten minutes! Yes, its that simple if you know what you want to eat! Overall I liked the app and for now i am going to make sure I order a lot from their app as they have loads of discounts on the app ..teehee*
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Delivery :

Whenever I order online from an app or a website I often receive a call from the delivery boy as to asking for directions, but I was surprised when Box8 delivery boy called me to ask which floor i was residing in, it might be a small detail but it did make for a good change not giving directions. And the best part was the food was BEFORE the promised time *mini happy dance* The delivery is definitely one thing i loved about box8! Also  few days back Box8 was trending on twitter for they accepted delivery where the customer would pay after delivery via online payment, potable wallets or Sudexo vouchers, which is a life saver for many foodie’s given the hard going cashless circumstances of India. Plus points for delivering to customers even during late hours of night until 1 A.M!

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I opted for "Veg" meal, so I went for ‘Veg Extravaganza Meal’ (rich & satisfying) at  ₹218, ‘Chole tikki meal’ at ₹148 , ‘Bombay Special Sandwich’(Fresh, yum & impressive!)  at ₹98. After which we placed a second order on weekend which consisted of ‘Dal Makhani Chawal’ at ₹108, Grilled Patty Sandwich’ (This one’s a must for sandwich lovers) at ₹88, ‘Mayo Tikki Wrap’ at ₹68,’Chole Chawal’ at ₹108 and ‘dal Makhani Meal at ₹128.
Their packaging is designed in such a way that the meal box includes everything in a layered form which easy-to-consume.  Just open and eat , hassle free I say! Their all-in-One meal box includes all staple food items to make a fulfilling Indian meal like rice, roti, dal and salad. They also serve wraps, sandwiches and salads with a fusion of Indian and Western flavors. Their first outlet was a small one in a corporate cafeteria, which has now grown to 50+ outlets across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.
Box8 is a great choice to grab verities of sandwiches and wraps. I loved the veg extravaganza meal which has a option of choosing between parathas and rice.

Taste Wise:

The food delivered is hot and fresh with a note on the bill mentioning it to be consumed within a period of the next ‘60 minutes’.My siblings and my mom loved every bite from the Box8 meal. Paneer makhani from’'”Veg extravaganza meal” is a must try, it was so delicious. I fell in love with Paneer all over again. I am not much of a paneer person but the paneer the meal consisted was yummilicious and I licked away single drop from it! Fresh chunky paneer cubes dipped in mughal style makhani-yumm! The wraps which was made from whole wheat flour was a delight and had an interesting twist to it. It was a tie for me between the sandwich and the wrap, both were delicious to the core. The meal I ordered had all things a hungry man can ape for, from fragrant dal to chutney and the best part was small delectable gulab jamuns. By the end of the last spoonful ,I was full but the juicy stuffed Bombay special sandwich called to me and I had gulped down the sandwich within minutes, delicious! The wrap and the box meal was shared with siblings and my mom and I regret not ordering or more.
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What I Loved About Box8:

  1. Hygienic and neat packaging.
  2. Food is filling, fresh and comforting.
  3. Keeps up to their promise of delivering piping hot food.
  4. Achieves its goal by using 3 pillars of taste, tech and logistics.
  5. Their food is value for money though a little costly but for the packaging,delivery and quality its worth it.
  6. Every single food item was just lip smacking and awesome.
  7. Delivery is very efficient and timely.
  8. What you see , you get. food pictures put on the app are not misleading at all!

Where does Box8 lack?

Now that I was content and happy with everything Box8 had to offer, the only drawback I found was that the prices a where just a whee bit high for daily consumption , other than I had absolutely no complaints!

BlingSparkle Rating:

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What To Look Out For:

If you are living in Bangalore, Mumbai or Pune than you must try food from Box8 because of it super fast  delivery, lip smacking food and the proportions of food they deliver, not to forget their inventiveness of layering the food into bite sized helpings without compromising on the food and texture. Hats off to Box8 who put Indian dishes in a single box so they the food could be consumed as easily as most continental cuisines - with a spoon or fork irrespective of whether it is roti or rice! Their innovation of layering food is a big plus for all those who love eat many different food items in small proportions, in short those who like to experiment with elaborate foods in a single time.I am yet to try their drinks and ice creams, I can hardly wait to place my next order. South Indians are gonna love this idea of all-in-one –box meal, you won’t be disappointed when you get your order piping hot within no time at your door step. I would recommend it to every Bangalorean foodie or No foodie out there to try it.
Click here to order from their website.

PS: This isn’t a sponsored post and the review is an honest one on my personal experience.

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