Boroplus Anti Pollution Daily Face Wash With Green Tea & Grapes Review

Face washes are a real saver when you are the one who has to spend most of the time outside or if you have combination to oily skin. I have to admit I use face wash three times during daytime. As I have oil build up in my T zone and I go makeup free most of the days I tend to use a mild face wash to cleanse my face wash on a daily basis. Hence I tend to always carry a tiny sized face wash with me while travelling , be it office or picnicking
Recently while visiting few of my relatives I was packing and was short of a travel sized face wash tube and I rammed in my sisters skin care stash and was grateful to find this small attractively packed face wash from a trusted brand -Boroplus !

Price and Quantity:

INR 50 for 50 ml

Shelf Life:

2 years

Variant being Reviewed:

Boroplus Anti Pollution Face wash with Nature shield complex with Grapes & Green Tea
One Word: 


It comes in a sturdy plastic tube with a twist open cap in purple color . The tube is a beautiful white and purple color (Boroplus trademark color)with green leaves at the bottom. Packaging is travel friendly and it is very easy to use this squeeze tube.


Lightweight and medium runny like creamy in consistency.


Smells amazing like those trademark Boroplus antiseptic creams ( We loved the antiseptic cream Read ways to use the Boro plus anti septic cream here)!

Shade/ Colour:

White with a shiny pearl like particles

My experience with Boroplus Anti Pollution Daily Face Wash With Green Tea & Grapes :

It was very helpful that the face wash comes in such a travel friendly tube . It lasted for me throughout my stay at my relatives. It has an amazing smell which I absolutely loved and lathers well. I even used it to remove my makeup after I used a makeup remover and it worked fine. But it doesn't rejuvenate my skin as the brand claims. It does fare well when it comes to unclogging my pores and removing oil and dirt from my face. But I could hardly find it to be shielding my skin against pollution. It does cleanse my face just like other face washes and I like the fact that it does moisturise my skin a little but I hate the fact that I have to rinse my face a couple of times to get the product completely out of my face.
It would've been better if few of the brand claims actually worked.


Easily available online and nearest offline stores.

Whats Good:

  1. Amazing fragrance
  2. Cleanses my face well
  3. Removes impurities, dirt and oil really well.
  4. Travel friendly packaging
  5. Affordable
  6. Easily available
  7. Lathers well
  8. Dermatologist tested.
  9. Can be used to remove leftover impurities after cleansing makeup with a makeup remover or olive oil.

What could be Better:

  1. Not all brand claims stand true
  2. Ingredients not mentioned on the tube.
  3. Doesn't wash off my face easily, need to rinse a couple of times which results in losing moisture of my skin.

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★/5

Would I buy this product again?

I would buy it only if I was in need of a travel sized face wash as there are two more variants from this range which I would like to try instead of this which is an average when compared to other brands.

Do I recommend this?

Well yeah, all those looking for a nice face wash to cleanse on a daily basis can use this but dry skinned beauties better stay away from this as it does cause drying due to the amount of time it takes to rinse the product of the face.

Final Verdict:

As this face wash is dermatological tested I would recommend it those who use face wash on a regular basis. Its mild but a little drying at the end. Overall it is a nice face wash for the price it comes with. Do give it a try when you are set out for travelling in winters !

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