Nature’s Co French Muguet Jasmine Body Mist Review

French Muguet is nothing but a French word for 'the lily of the valley'. This body mist by Nature's Co is a sensual mix of the French Muguet and the universal love Jasmine.

I have never been much fond of deodorants and perfumes as they tend to cause an allergic reaction to my sensitive nose. There very rare and limited fragrances which suit me and that's the reason I always think twice before spending on perfumes. Body mists are a blessing for people like me, teh scent from them is mild, sweet and so very much unlike strong Deos! This is the reason I love body mists and I was lucky to come across this super cute and serene smelling Body mist from Nature's Co in their March beauty wish box.  It's a sample piece and I am definitely purchasing the full product once this finishes up!


595 for 100ml


The packaging of the Nature's Co French Muguet Jasmine Body mist is simply brilliant. It comes in a see through bottle with pump dispenser. The tight cap makes it travel friendly and you can easily track how much product is left through the see through bottle.


Essential oil, Aloevera extract,Vitamin – E,Vegetable Glycerine, natural hill spring water.

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My Experience: 

Nature's Co is a trusted brand and I love their products for their uniqueness and blend towards nature. I have fallen in love with the serene and calming Jasmine scent of this body mist. I use it after taking a shower I have felt my self relaxing and my mood lifting every time after applying it. It has strong top notes which ease out after 2 to 3 minutes. The staying power is also good for a body mist, it stays for 2-3 hours and starts fading leaving just whiff of it. The scent is feminine and not very strong - totally recommended for people who are not fond of overpowering scents! 


  • Sweet feminine Jasmine fragrance which is not too overpowering
  • No Alcohol content
  • Sturdy, light weight and travel friendly packaging
  • Good staying power for over 2-3 hours
  • Value for money
  • The scent relaxes my senses and lifts my mood
  • Easily available online


  • When sprayed some of the product transfers to my hand.

Overall, I simply loved this product from Nature's Co and will definitely try out their other range of body mists. It does not have any Alcohol content or many irritating chemicals which makes it very suitable for sensitive skin. I have heard their Passion fruit Pineapple body mist is amazinggg and I want to try it next! ^_^

 Bling Sparkle Rating: 4/5

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