15 Simple Henna Tattoo Mehndi Designs

Henna Tattoo

Tattoos are sexy and eye catchy and we all have had that urge to get one done at some point of our lives. Henna Tattoos are my personal favourite because I seriously don't like the idea of permanent Tattoos. I am a very moody person and I don't want to get stuck with something for my entire life. I rather prefer temporary Henna Mehndi Tattoos which are super easy to apply, don't hurt, don't burn my wallet and fade away just within 4-5 days, which is well past the occasion I am willing to apply them for!

Another plus point is, you can easily DIY Henna Tattoos at home.
Below are 15 Latest Henna Tattoo mehndi designs ideas for you all the DIY at home and flaunt away! :

1. Behind the ear tattoos - Henna Tattoo which looks like an earcuff

This tattoo design is for Henna mehndi inspiration. This is a classic permanent tattoo which can also be achieved by Henna mehndi and the best part is - The Henna tattoo wears off easily and the application is painless. I love this half moon cum ear cuff design which screams for attention and will glam up your body instantly. Pair this with a high updo and some red lipstick to steal those eyes!

2. Tattoo look alike Henna designs : Chic Bracelet art

Just one look at this stunning bracelet Henna art is enough to fall head over heels in love with it! You just need a very thin mouthed Henna Mehndi cone to achieve this look. Get creative and create your ow design. You can start with replicating this design and build it up if you want a more fuller look. I for once love this simple and pretty thin Henna mehndi design itself. This Henna mehndi design is best for Western outfits and occasions like a date night or a party.

3. Floral / Rose Henna Mehandi Tattoo for hands:

Floral Henna mehndi designs are a rage and the above design is an art which deserves a framing! Must say this is on of my most favourite mehndi tattoo designs ever created! It's sinple, it's easy to achieve and it looks worth a million dollars!

4. Dream Catcher Henna Mehndi Tattoo For Hands: 

Dream catchers can be a very pretty Henna Tattoo inspiration. The above design will look best with western wear. This Mehandi design is very easy to achieve and will look gorgeous on your hands!

5. Aztec Print Mehndi design: Henna Tattoo for hands

This mehndi design is inspired by the famous Aztec print and is again a very easy mehndi design to achieve. This gives you taht chic bracelet look and is very apt for a retro look.

6. Henna Tattoo for ears: Vine Henna Mehndi design:

Simple is always attractive. The above Henna tattoo is super cute and will surely make heads turn your way. Skip your earrings and just let the design be the center of attention!

7. Henna Mehandi Tattoo for hands: Bracelet

Keeping it simple yet engaging is the trick. The above bracelet Henna tattoo is very easy to achieve and it will look very pretty once done You can get creative and try some other art which resembles this too.

8. Henna tattoo mehndi for neck:

Who needs accessories when you got such chic and sexy neck Henna tattoo on?! I can't think of a single flaw in this design! It's so peppy and a total head turner! Pair it with a deep neck top and a messy high pony tail for a killer look!

9. Henna Tattoo for hands: Sexy bracelet design

I am very fond of simple yet unique looking mehndi art and this design above is a perfect example of that. It'll gives a unique hand cuff/jewelry Mehnadi design look which is best to don on parties and western wear.

10. Henna Tattoo design for ear:

This is another very simple yet catchy Henna Tattoo art which will great on your ears. Let the cat meow and drive you loads of attention!

11. Chic Henna Tattoo mehndi design for neck and back:

Pakistani mehndi designs are true love and the above design is inspired by the same. This intricate art needs practice and I would suggest trying this only if you are good at creating Henna art. But once achieved, this Henna tattoo will make you the center of attention wherever you go!

12. Henna Mehndi design for finger: Classy ring tattoo

This is one of the latest mehndi design for fingers. It gives you the illusion of jewelry and that's the reason I love it so much! This simple mehndi design is so easy to achieve and gives such a pretty finish to your hands! This can be worn everyday and that's the beauty of it!

13. Peacock Mehndi Tattoo for hand

Peacock mehndi tattoo is quite the rage these days and the above design has a shimmery end to it which gives it a unique finish. You get glitter cones in a lot of provision stores. If you can't find one then just take a green glitter pen and write over the existing Henna tattoo to achieve this peacock Henna tattoo look.

14. Bird Tattoo design for behind the ear;

Apply henna tattoo behind the ear is quite a trend now. This easy bird henna tattoo is perfect for a behind the ear mehndi  look. Tie your hair up flaunt this beauty away!

15. Chand Henna Mehndi Tattoo: Perfect for Eid:

Chand Henna Tattoos are perfect for Eid or any other ethnic occasion too. This Half moon Henna mehandi design is simply gorgeous and perfect for an outfit with a deep back cut. You need a this mouthed Henna cone to achieve this design too. An updo or a side messy braid will go well with this look.

Which one of these are you trying out this Eid? Do let us know in the comments! :) If you want tips or more Mehndi art inspirations then drop us your request at Blingsparkleblog@gmail.com.

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