10 Dreamy DIY Home Decor Ideas With Tulle or Net dupattas: Handmade Projects

How many of you have spare net dupattas lying around ? I for one have many net dupattas lying around! With Indian wear incomplete without dupattas we have several ethnic wear sold with a net dupatta or net chunni. But not many of us prefer wearing a dupatta with our ethnic wear. Gone are those times were a woman had to wear a dupatta, hence with so many ditching the net dupatta , what is to be done with all the dupattas that come along with our ethnic buys? I have a few beautiful DIY’s  net dupatta ideas which you can do to put your waste net dupattas into great use! Yes !

Light weight net is such a fun  material that is beautiful and easy to use!  You’ll be blown away with these DIY net dupatta projects that are perfect if you’re wondering what to do with your spare net dupattas. Some of the DIY net dupatta/net chunni include tulle wreaths, headbands, room decor, party decor and even how to make tutus. Some of these projects are so good that you wish you had loads of net dupattas at your home, well if you are in love with these DIY projects , then you simply have to head to the store and buy netted material in your desired color and get DIYing!

DIY These 10 Dreamy Tulle Projects:

1. Starry String Lights DIY Room Decor:

This is one of the cutest bedroom decorating ideas. All you have to do is get some string lights and two net dupattas in the same color. if you don’t have net dupattas you can even use crafting material tulle to get the desired decor ! Just hang the net dupattas from the ceiling on the two corner most sides (refer the picture) of the bed and hang in a few string lights along with it , viola ! You have a dreamy room decor ready !

2. Fun Party Sheer Netted Balloon DIY Ideas:

Different dresses be it anarkali or lehenga choli have different colored net dupattas and the best way to put them in use is to wrap them around colored balloons or even transparent balloons and tie the end with a ribbon , stick in some flowers and use everything crafty for instant party ready balloon decor.

3. Pretty Fish Net Wall decor:

Ditch an expensive headboard and DIY this net dupatta fish net inspired wall decor. All you have to get is a blue net dupatta, some sea shells, a few decorative sea creatures or pebbles abd you are done! Just hang the net dupatta like show in the picture , you can use nails to hang the dupatta and hang in the sea shells and sea objects you have , beautiful ain’t it?

4. Magnificently net wrapped gifts:

one of the most elegant and budget friendly gift wrapping idea is to use those unused net dupattas in your home. Just wrap your gift in crafty paper and tie around with strips cut from your net dupatta. You can also cover the whole gift if want to get a little more flimsy. The end result achieved is beautiful and classy!This is perfect for diy gifts and diy birthday gifts as the one receiving one will be pleased!

5.Wedding Table decor:

If you are the one customizing your own wedding then you can use your net dupattas to cover clear vases and place them on table tops covered with white table cloth to give that classic touch without spending much!These tulle covered or net dupatta covered make for great  wedding centerpieces!

6. Girly Table Skirt:

Net dupattas come in various colors and the best use you can make the light colored ones is to use it as a table skirt! Though the picture has tulle as table skirt I think a net dupatta would look equally beautiful when used as a table skirt, what say?

7. DIY stylish curtains:

Either use your net dupattas as curtains or even better cover up walls ! The length of the net dupattas which is really long makes it easier to use them as curtains! Add a twit to your curtains  by hanging over colored net dupattas to get rainbow effect! DIY Home decor so lovely it will leave you breathless!

8. Table Runner:

Make your own table runner by making use of your pink colored net dupattas , yes ! Next time you throw a party , it will be beautiful and yet budget friendly! Don't these net dupattas make for great wedding table decorations?

9. Party Decor DIY Projects:

This one is made with tulle craft material but it can easily be created using your net dupattas. Leave your guests floored with your min blowing DIY projects next time you throw a party..

10. DIY beautiful Mosquito net With Your Net Dupatta:

What better way to keep the mosquitoes at bay while you are relaxing outdoors on your garden or balcony? Create this mosquito net with your net dupattas and make way for a serene place to relax outdoors without spending anything! Like this backyard ideas? Tell us!

Which of these do you plan on creating this weekend? Do drop a comment :))
Happy DIYing!

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