13 Breathtaking bow mehndi designs: Latest mehandi Designs !

Mehandi designs are a favorite among wedding guests. its not just the bride that’s excited about her entire arms and legs decorated with beautiful mehndi designs but even those attending weddings decorate their hands with interesting Arabic mehndi designs or designs which have a unique touch to them. The guests in attendance can go for designs which are simple or have a very creative touch added to them. using of gems or even going for designs that have shaded or dark outlined mehendi can give an attractive look to hands and feet. The famous designs doing the rounds have people flaunting henna mehndi designs that are feather henna designs , floral and geometric patterns. But the newest to join the trends is the bow mehndi design! Yes ! Whoever would’ve thought bows weren’t just for kids and gift wrapping!
Little pretty bows are the most favorite hair accessory among kids and with passing time the love for ‘bows’ has just evolved. The addition of a bow on a card or be it a cupcake or a frock makes it even more cute and pretty! Then why stay back when creating a beautiful mehndi design with the addition of this pretty little thing? Right? Here are 13  fantabulously cute bow mehandi designs you have to try ! these are perfect for parties , simple bow mehndi design for kids and wedding guests or even a bold minimalistic bride who loves all things pretty!

1. Soul mates:

Aren’t women in search for the latest arabic mehndi designs for Eid or even parties? What better than getting a beautiful henna tattoo where two beautiful bows are stringed together… depicting soulmates or made for each other. 2017 is going to be the year of mehndi’s and this perfect bow design is the best way to start your new year!
1 bow

2. Bridal Bows:

Be it summer or winter , the season of weddings is never going to end and hence this arabic bridal mehndi design for a wedding event is a must try for bride’s to be ! So are you up for some pretty bows on your big day?!

3. Simple Arabic Mehndi designs :

As we all know young girls of all age are fond of unique mehndi designs hence this is the perfect young girls back hands and arm henna designs ! A must must must TRY for all the pretty young women out there!

4. Unique Bouquet Rose Bow Mehndi Design:

Roses ! Oh yes, love their smell,love their appearance, love their softness, love em single, love em in bunches , when there is so much to love about these beautiful flowers then why not try a beautiful rose mehandi design with a pretty litlle bow at the bottom ! One of the back hand simple arabic mehndi designs of 2017!
design of mehndi

5. Bracelet Single Bow Mehndi Design:

Mehndi on arms is in fashionistas ! The icing of the cake is drawing a little bow on it ! Awww ! Though you might love arabic henna designs on hands , once in a while a pretty simple design with a bow won’t harm eh?

6. Tricky Bow Mehendi Designs Best Of 2017:

This one’s a little tricky bow rather a bow cum floral bow. I love how pretty it looks , a must add for those looking for arabic bridal  mehndi designs for weddings!

7. The Party Stunner Bow Mehndi design:

Now that its December and within no time it will be new year , matlab party on rocks ! If you are on an on look for easy arabic mehndi designs for party 2017 , this my dear fellas is what you have to go for!

8. Bow To the Bows :

This pretty beautiful back mehndi design is excellent for those who love different mehndi designs!

9. Pretty Bow  Mehndi design For Kids:

Kids love mehndi as much as young women , this pretty little arabic henna design with red nail polish is beautiful and will look adorable on kids. Well if you hate nail polish on kids make sure the design is a little more grand.

10. Trendy Creeper bow Mehndi design:

What could be more trendier than a bow with beautiful leaves creeping out of it ! This trendy henna arabic designs for girls is pure love!

11. Say it with hearts Bow mehndi design:

Anything with little hearts on them and its LOVE written all over it for me , yes ! So is this beautiful henna arabic mehndi design for women with pretty little hearts and a beautiful BOW!

12. Arabic bow mehandi Design:

Searching for best arabic henna design pictures? Well you have landed on the right place! This pretty bow back mehndi design will leave you and others speechless.

13. Bows At the Back:

This is a must add in the best arabic henna designs pictures collection for the beautiful bow arabic mehndi design with small motifs is a sight to sore eyes !
Which among these is your favorite? Are you planning on having some beautiful mehndi on your hands this new year? Tell us?! We are excited !
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