10 Gorgeous Symmetrical Half and Half Mehndi Designs

Symmetrical mehndi patterns are super in trend these days and I have spotted lot of brides also opt for such henna mehndi patterns. 

Instead of going for 2 different mehndi deigns for two hands you can go for a half and half mehndi where the same design is put on both hands in a symmetrical pattern for a matched and polished look. These kind of designs look amazing when you join hands to show off your mehndi .

Here I bring to you 10 Gorgeous Symmetrical Half and Half Mehndi Designs 

#1 Dark bridal Mehndi design with symmetrical heart pattern

#2 Simple mehndi design with lot of empty space

#3 Gorgeous Indian mehndi design for special occasions

#4 Symmetrical circular Mehndi design for kids

#5 Indian heart mehndi design for starters

#6 Stunning Flower henna design For eid

#7 Beautiful bold peacock mehndi pattern for special occasions

#8 Arabic mehndi henna tattoo for both hands

#9 Huge half and half flower henna design for feet

#10  Unique bride and groom mehndi design for wedding

#11 Floral palms only henna design for simple occasions

#12 Big symmetric flower mehndi design 

Tips to get the Symmetrical Half and Half Mehndi Designs right

  • Start with simple symmetric designs to see if you like the look of same design on both hands
  • It is important to get the design same on both hands or it will end up looking very tacky  so make sure you have practiced well in advance. If you are hiring a mehndi artist then tell her about your design preference in advance
  • This half and half mehndi trend is best suited for your palms but you can get experimental and try on your feet and back of hands too
  • These kind of symmetric designs look amazing when photographed with both hands together, dont forget to click photos and flaunt them on instagram.

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