25 Gorgeous Mehndi Designs for your Fingers

Iam loving simple and minimalistic mehndi designs these days because they are easy to do and dont require much time too. For simple occasions like eid or a cousin's wedding you can keep thing classy and elegant by going for fingers only henna mehndi designs. These designs mean your hands have a lot of empty spaces making it look very modern. If you are wearing something indo-western then these kind of mehndi designs are perfect.

Personally I prefer a single kali mehndi design for front of hands and for back I do fingers only mehndi design. My sparkling rings look amazing with finger mehndi designs on back of hand . If you have a hevay pattern on front of hands I suggest you balance things out by going for finger mehndi design for back of your hands.

Here I bring to you some really gorgeous henna mehndi designs for your fingers to wave in style .

25 Gorgeous Mehndi Designs for your Fingers

#1 Delicate jaali mehndi design for fingers

If you dont like mehndi designs much and want to try a simple design this jaali design with leaves at the base is perfect. This is easy to do with a mehandi cone having a tiny hole in the tip for fine lines. This netted henna design looks very contemporary and works with both Indian and western outfits beautifully.

#2 Unique jewellery style finger mehndi design

The latest trend in mehndi designs is patterns which look like jewellery. This design looks like a connected four finger ring and makes for a unique finger mehndi design. Make sure to not wear any rings if you are going for this henna design for fingers. (Explore more mehandi deisgns which look like real jewellery on blingsparkle here. )

#3 Easy flower tattoo henna design for finger tips 

Want some mehndi on your hands and short of time? Try this super easy dotted flower for fingers which looks effortless, simple and contemporary. This finger mehndi design is ideal for beginners and if you have a heavy pattern on the front of your hands it makes a lot of sense to go easy on the back of your hands.

#4 Gorgeous rose henna design for front of hands

How delicate and WOW is this rose mehndi design for fingers? if you are looking for something elegant and fresh try this finger rose mehndi pattern which extends a wee bit to your palm with a gorgeous rose. since this is a very delicate pattern you require steady hand and a cone with thin hole.

#5 Stunning one finger leaf mehndi design

For back of hands I always prefer simpler designs and this leaf mehndi pattern is very interesting single line henna design. I love how the jaal on finger is so unique and leaf design on finger tips is beautiful too.

#6 Modern thick curves mehndi design  

If you like thick mehndi designs then try this concentrated mehndi design which has a lot of thick curves, swirls and lines. I love how the thick patterns contrast against the skin here

#7 Simple Moroccan mehndi pattern with straight lines

If you dont want anything traditional go for this Moroccan inspired geometric henna design. This design looks best with western outfit or traditional outfits which have a contemporary cut or drape.

#8 Quick single finger mehndi design 

If you want just a single finger mehndi design  try this pattern which is quick and easy to do. 

#9 Beautiful single line mehndi design for back of hands

#10 Finger mehndi design with jaali detailing

#11 Easy finger ring mehndi design

#12 Cute and easy netted mehndi finger bands design

#13 Shaded leaf mehndi design for front fingers and palm

#14 Latest floral mehndi design for fingers

 #15 Embellished finger tips mehndi designs for  minimal look

#16 Arabic finger mehndi designs for gorgeous look

#17 Peacock inspired feather mehndi design for fingers

#18 Thick leaves mehandi designs for fingers 

#19 Contemporary geometric mehandi designs for fingers 

#20 Stylish and modern mehandi designs for fingers  

#21 Abstract mehndi design for indo fusion look

#22 Finger band Mehandi design with a touch of floral 

#23 Quarter finger rose mehndi designs

#24 Indian mehandi design for fingers 

#25 Five fingers henna mehndi tattoo with lots of swirls 

Tips to get gorgeous dark mehndi 

  • Go for a good quality cone which will really affect the colour of your mehndi. Another thing quality cones do is they extend the longevity of your mehndi designs. The normal singh mehndi cones hardly last even for a week which annoying peeling of layers.
  • Allow your mehndi to sit on your hands overnight for a perfect dark colour. 
  • Dont use water to wash off your mehndi. Use a blunt knife to scrape of the dry henna . If mehndi is too rigid then appli some baby oil or coconut oil and scrap it off.
  • If you love the colour of henna on hands then go for thicker patterned mehndi design instead of delicate thin designs. Going for a design with a mix of both thick and thin lines is also a good idea.
  • If you like bling add some glitter and stones to to your mehndi design after it has been scrapped off. you get tiny rhinestone type bindis in bangle shops which look great with mehndi designs..

So, are you ready to adorn your fingers with some gorgeous finger mehndi designs? Which design is your favourite?

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