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Mehndi is an important pre wedding ritual in Indian weddings. The mehndi ceremony which takes place a day or two before the actual wedding is a fun filled affair with a lot of dance and masti where the bride gets mehndi applied on her hands and feet.  Bridal mehndi designs have a lot of variety and are very intricate and detailed covering almost full hands. All brides hunt for fresh, unique and new mehndi designs to don on their big day. Trends in bridal mehndi designs are rapidly evolving and brides these are opting for minimal designs or intricate designs with their love story or baraat etched on their arms. Here in this post I bring to you some trending gorgeous bridal mehndi designs for full hands  

35 Gorgeous Bridal Mehndi Designs for Full Hands 

#1 Bridal mehndi design with couple portrait and quote

Potriat henna is a huge thing this wedding season and this mehndi design has these royal motifs which are perfect for traditonal brides. for more personalised effect add a romanti quote , phrase or even  your wedding hashtag to your arms

#2  Half and half heart bridal mehndi designs

Symmetric bridal mehndi designs are perfect for brides and this heart mehndi pattern with shaded floral patterns is contemporary and stunning.

#3  Traditional bridal mehndi designs with wedding rituals and doli patterns

Traditional mehndi designs with the full wedding day sequence is also hot in trend. This bridal mehndi design has a lot of intricate detailing with a regal feel.  Make sure your mehndi artist has tried designs like these before before opting for such elaborate patterns

#4 Symmetric peacock bridal mehndi designs

Peacocks are the most popular motifs in henna designs and this peacock bridal mehndi design which extends to full hands is a stunner.  Having the same design for both hands makes sense and you ould also consider getting a similar matching pattern for your feet.

#5 Personalized bridal mehndi designs with peacock motifs

#6  Thick bridal henna mehndi design with floral jaal detailing

#7 Unique parrot bridal mehndi designs 

#8 Mesh detailed bridal mehndi designs for full hands

#9 Dulha Dulhan bridal mehndi designs for full hands

#10 Stunning flowers and drums bridal mehndi designs for full hands

#11  Fun personalized fusion bridal mehndi designs for full hands 

Instead of the usual motifs in mehndi  you can just get creative and add your own couple motifs with quirky tag lines. This bridal mehndi deisgn is equal parts traditional and equal parts kitsch perfect for  the young contemporary bride.

#12  Latest full peacock bridal mehndi designs

If unique and hatke is what you are looking for then this design is for you. Instead of the small peacock motif go for a full blown peacok on the back of your hands and grab eyeballs.

#13 Thick arabic floral bridal mehndi designs

#14 Bride groom portrait pattern bridal mehndi designs

#15  Latest Peacock bridal mehndi designs for full hands

#16 Paisley and checkered pattern bridal mehndi designs for full hands

#17 Modern symmetric heart mehndi designs

#18 Rajashthani bridal mehndi designs for full hands with paisely patterns

#19 All day wedding sequence bridal mehndi designs

#20 Rajasthani bridal mehndi designs for full hands

#21 Lotus inspired bridal mehndi designs

Forget roses, lotus and tulips are the hot new trend in mehndi designs This shaded lotus mehndi design is both trendy and bridal and will go well with all your ethnic as well as indo western outfits.

#22 Layered bridal mehndi designs

#23 Flower mandala style bridal mehndi designs

#24 Intricate bridal mehndi designs with flowers and paisleys

#25 Simple dots and swirls bridal mehndi designs

#26 Modern couple photoframe bridal mehndi designs for full hands

#27 Traditional Indian bridal mehndi designs with peacock motif

#28 Bridal mehndi designs with your proposal story 

#29 Beautiful  jaali mehndi designs for traditional brides

#30 Elegant arabic bridal mehndi designs for full hands 

#31 Unique thick arabic bridal mehndi designs

#32 Modern shaded bridal mehndi designs 

#33 Delicate mesh bridal henna mehndi designs 

#34 Regal baraat bridal mehndi designs for full hands

#35 Trendy floral bridal mehndi designs for full hands

Top tips for brides to choose the right mehndi designs for their special day

  • Bridal mehndi designs are mostly used only as refrence to show your mehndi artist. It is important you do your research in advance and choose the right henna artist . 
  • When choosing a mehndi design a bride should keep in mind the latest henna trends but it is important to opt for full hands mehndi as it is your special day and you want to look your traditional best. 
  • Trending patterns in mehndi designs these days are tulips, parrots, jaali, wedding hashtags , baraat motifs and weaving a story. You can add a bit of these trending henna motifs in your mehndi design to make it more striking.
  • There are a variety of bridal mehndi designs for you to choose from . if you are looking for more simpler and minimal approach try arabic mehndi designs but if you want a traditional elaborate henna design rajasthani, mughlai or pakistani mehndi designs are better suited for you. 
  • Consider geometric mehndi designs if you have thin long hands and for broad hands elongated leafy patterns give a slimming and elongated illusion.
  • Personalizing mehndi designs with your partners initials has always been a thing but these days brides are opting for more innovative ways to add a personal touch to henna designs. Getting your love story drawn or your proposal story is an interesting idea. More simpler ways to add personal touch is by adding your wedding hashtag or a romantic couplet on your palms.
  • Do your research on the kind of mehndi design you want  but be sure to trust your mehndi artist who is an expert and let him decide what kind of design works best for you.
 Which of gorgeous bridal mehndi designs for full hands do you like most? 

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