All new full sleeves blouse designs for saree in 2023

When it comes to desi fashion, saree still rules the roost and one of the most versatile and timeless pieces every woman should have in her wardrobe is a long sleeve blouse. From classic styles to contemporary designs, long sleeve blouse design can effortlessly elevate a saree look, whether it's for a formal occasion or a casual day out. In this blog post, lets explore all the latest patterns in long sleeve blouses that are making waves in the fashion industry ensuring you stay stylish and chic the elegant way

Latest full sleeves blouse designs catalogue for saree in 2023

#1 Latest full sleeve blouse design with frill detailing

This long sleeve blouse with transparent fabric features a bell sleeve detailing and also has frilled detailing on the neckline giving it a very dreamy romantic vibe. this can be easily done by any tailor using plain fabric making it an ideal option if you want a designer looking blouse without spending much. 

#2 Heavy work puff sleeve blouse design

#3  Delicate full sleeve blouse back design 

Long sleeves blouses look beautiful on women of all sizes and they work well with both lehengas and sarees too . If you are having a winter wedding consider a delicate long sleeves blouse like this which is has a deep back neckline.

#4  High neck full sleeve blouse designs photos for plain sarees

When it comes to sheer sarees long sleeves are the best way to flaunt them the elegant way. Here the blouse is also semi sheer adding to the dreamy feminine vibe.  

#5 Delicate standing collar neck blouse with sheer balloon sleeves

The latest balloon sleeve pattern is making a wave in world of fashion and you an try it even with sarees. This dreamy blouse pattern has a sheer long sleeve in balloon styles adding to the drama and elevating it to perfecto. 

#6 Peter pan collar neck full sleeve blouse design

Long sleeve blouses look elegant and royal and you an also experiment to give it a playful vibe. This graceful full sleeve blouse has a peter pan collar neckline and has embroidery details to add to its beauty making it an ideal partywear blouse to pair with printed sarees

#7 Closed neckline plain full sleeve blouse model

Long sleeve blouses exude elegant and are officially back in trend. If you are confused of how to get started with this trend then go basic and start with a plain blouse like this and pair with contrast coloured sarees for maximum impact. Any local tailor should be able to stitch this up for you. 

#8 Semi sheer cuffed sleeve blouse

#9 Square neckline full sleeve blouse designs with balloon sleeves

Printed blouse designs are getting really popular these days and although full sleeves in print can look overwhelming on paper they do transform into something really unique when worn smartly. Here above i have given 3 different ways to try prints with long sleeves and also given styling ideas.  You just need to shop for printed fabric and ask your darzi to make this for you. 

#10 brocade half collar neck long sleeve blouses

Brocade blouses are a forever classic but have you tried getting one stitched with longer sleeves. This above blouse model with a half collar back is perfect for all those traditional get togethers. 

#11 Printed closed neckline full sleeve blouse pattern

#12 Silk saree with full sleeve blouse having big border

#13 Plain blouse with embroidered net full sleeve blouse pattern

#14 Long sleeve blouse with heavy arm detailing

#15 Deep V neck velvet long sleeve blouse design

#16 Cotton saree with full sleeve blouse


#18 Plain full sleeve blouses with V neckline for pattu sarees

#19 Mesh net sleeves blouse design 

#20 Maggam work Boat neck long sleeve blouse for kasavu saree

#21 Full neck plain long sleeve blouse

#22 New age full sleeve blouse design with collar

#23 Stylish blouse sleeves design for lehengas and sarees 

#24 Jacket style designer  blouse sleeves design patterns

#25 Trending  blouse sleeve designs with multiple cut outs

#26 Heavy work long sleeve lehenga blouse designs 2023

#27 Full astin blouse with deep U neckline

#28 Embellished boat neck full sleeves blouse

#29 Contemporary shoulder work long sleeve blouse pattern

#30 Wedding saree with full sleeves and boat neck pattern

#31 Solid hue full sleeve blouse pattern for benarasi sarees

#32 Full puff sleeve blouse pattern with cuff detail for sarees

#33 Plain full sleeve blouse ideas for brocade silk sarees

#34  Boat neck blouse design with long brocade sleeves

#35 Overlapping jacket style south indian full sleeve blouse

#36 Vintage Puff sleeve blouse with oversized border detailing

#37 Silk saree with full sleeve blouse for designer look

#38 Frill neck netted long sleeve blouse

#39 New full sleeve blouse with cold shoulder cut out

#40 Modern saree blouse with full sleeves

 Embrace Elegance: The Latest full Sleeve Blouse Designs

Why full sleeves blouse designs are hot in trend these days? Why do they work? Well full sleeves give plenty of design detailing options which will work perfectly for partywear sarees. They also are an elegant option to wear for office so your best friend if you wear sarees to work especially if you work in AC office . Here are more reason to opt for sarees with long sleeve blouse and a peek into whats trending this season
  • They help make a Statement : This season, statement sleeves are stealing the spotlight. Blouses with dramatic puffed sleeves, bell sleeves, or balloon sleeves are adding a touch of romance and femininity to outfits. These voluminous sleeves create a beautiful silhouette and instantly transform a simple blouse and your saree look into a fashion statement. 
  • Easy to play with Sheer fabrics: Sheer fabrics have been ruling the season , and long sleeve blouses are no exception. Designers are incorporating sheer materials like chiffon, lace, and organza into blouse designs, giving them an ethereal and delicate touch. Sheer sleeves or panels along the arms add a hint of allure and create an illusion of lightness. 
  • Comfort factor: Long sleeve blouses are more comfortable to carry off in all seasons and more importantly if you have arm flab to cover up this is your best bet but make sure to steer clear of embellishments which can make your hands look bulky. 
  • Winter perfect: In cool winters weddings or parties just dont come to a halt. So stay fashionable even when the temperatures drop by opting for long sleeve blouse patterns. Velvet and silk works best for cool months covering  the body and also provides protection from the evil eye. 
  • Ruffle, bells and frill Craze: Ruffles are making a comeback this season, and they're making their way onto long sleeve blouses in delightful ways. Whether it's cascading ruffles along the sleeves, a subtle bell detail or a double frill flouncy ruffle, all infuse playfulness and femininity into blouse designs. Ruffles add movement and create visual interest, making them an excellent choice for both formal and casual occasions 
  • Print Play: Prints have always been a popular choice for blouses, and they continue to reign supreme in the latest long sleeve blouse designs. This season, vibrant floral prints, geometric patterns, and abstract motifs are taking center stage. Experiment with different prints to add personality and a touch of whimsy to your plain sarees
  • Neckline Drama: The neckline plays a vital role in defining the overall style of a blouse, and designers are embracing creativity by adding drama to this area. High necklines with intricate lace detailing, elegant Victorian-inspired collars, or plunging V-necklines with delicate ties are all the rage. 
Long sleeve saree blouses are a wardrobe staple that offers endless possibilities for creating fashionable and chic outfits. Whether you opt for saree with full sleeve blouse featuring statement sleeves, sheer fabrics, ruffles, captivating prints, or dramatic necklines, there is a long sleeve blouse design to suit every occasion and personal style. Embrace elegance with the latest trends, experiment with different designs, and let your long sleeve blouse add to the grace of your desi saree. Remember, the key to true fashion is to wear what makes you feel confident and comfortable. 
Also tell us which of the above full sleeves blouse designs and styles would you try in 2023

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