20 Step by Step Mehndi Designs for Beginners

Mehndi designs are adored by women from all over the world - In India, any Ritual/Function is incomplete without a Henna design as it not only beautifies your hands but is also surmised to bring good fortune. From simple geometric patterns to delicate florals, sensuous curves and bold motifs, a mehndi design has something for all tastes. Bridal mehndi has become very popular among Bride's where they express themselves with new and exquisite designs. 

Getting your mehndi design done professionally from a parlor sure sounds good but nothing beats the joy and fun of doing your mehndi on your own! I have loved the wonderful art of henna mehndi since the time I was a little girl. I used to love sneaking left over mehndi cones from my Mom's bedside on Eid or other functions and used to draw shapeless patterns on my palms. My love for Mehndi was what got me practicing it over the years until now when I have finally mastered it. Few years back when my elder sister got married, I was her mehndi artist and I just can't explain the sheer joy of showcasing my Henna art on a real bride!! :D 

You might be accustomed to seeing elaborate, intricate and complicated mehndi designs during weddings but there's no need to worry as there are also some very easy and equally pretty simple mehndi designs which look gorgeous without leaving you with a tired hand and an irritated mind. These mehndi designs require very less time and are simple ones which add a hint of colour to your hands without giving you a cluttered feel. 

20 Step by Step Mehndi Designs for Beginners

 The art of drawing Henna mehndi patterns is not a job reserved for professionals and just anybody can master it with a little practice and some inspiration! I feel every girl shares a special bond with Henna mehndi and the desire to draw lovely Henna patterns is always there!. If you are a beginner who is just trying to get her hands on the beautiful Henna art then you are at the right place! 

Today, we will be sharing with you step by step instructions of some such simple, easy and gorgeous Henna mehndi designs. Just Follow the step by step patterns to achieve these amazing mehndi designs. Grab inspiration and get practicing: 

  • Beautiful Step by Step Ethnic Mehndi design for Back of Hand - Mehndi for Beginners

Above is a very beautiful yet simple step by step mehndi design for the back of your hands. This pattern will look equally good on your palms and is just what you need to slay when paired with your favourite ethnic lehenga or Anarkali for the occasion. This mehndi design will surely draw attention to your hands and give you that 'out-of-the-world' feel! Start with drawing multiple circles as shown in the first image and carefully graduate by outlining your circles with tiny dotted circles and finish off with cones and you are done!

  • Mehndi Step by Step - Simple Floral Henna art

You can never go wrong with Floral motifs especially when it comes to henna art. Floral Henna designs look absolutely gorgeous and instantly give you that push you need for your special occasion. The above floral mehndi design is super pretty and easy to to achieve too. Remember that the trick here is thickening the outline of the petals (as shown is pic 3 and 4) which makes a huge difference in the beauty of this Henna pattern!

  • Step by Step Single Rose Mehndi Design - Mehndi for starters

 If there is anything which is ruling the Henna mehndi patterns this year, it's the rose mehndi designs! Roses top the charts of the most loved flowers and including them in Henna patterns has become a rage these days thanks to their sheer beauty and elegance! The above rose mehndi design is super simple and absolutely gorgeous.

  • Easy Flower Mehndi Design Step by Step for Beginners

If you are a beginner than starting with floral Henna designs is your best bet.

  • Gorgeous Rangoli Mehndi design Step by Step Tutorial 

Who says Rangoli was meant to beautify only your home, now you can decorate your hands with it too! The above rangoli inspired mehndi design is perfect for a festival like Diwali etc and it is quite easy to achieve too.

  • Easy Dotted Flower Mehndi design Step by Step for Hands

Nothing shouts 'easy' like Dots do and the best part is that you can acieve amazing designs by just connecting few dots in some creative ways! The above design is super cute is easy to achieve. A perfect bet for beginners in Henna mehndi patterns.

  • Beautiful Netted Jaali Heart Shape Mehndi design Step by Step:

Jaali mehndi designs or Netted mehndi designs have a charm of their own and they are my personal favorite. You can start with this above simple netted heart design and slowly graduate to these Jaali  mehndi designs which look absolutely gorgeous.

  • Beautiful Shaded Flower Mehndi Design Step by Step for Beginners

Shaded flowers look very pretty and the above mehndi design is a small example of it.

  • Beautiful Geometric Mehndi Design For hands

Geometric mehndi patterns have been a favorite among many women. They have that bold vibe to them which goes well with both your Western and ethnic outfits.

  • Gorgeous Netted Henna Mehndi Design For Beginners - Step by Step Henna Design

Another netted/Jaali mehndi design inspiration which is super easy to achieve.

  • Beautiful Single Flower Mehndi design for back of hand:

  • Gorgeous Shaded Floral Mehndi Design For Beginners

  • Geometric Flower Mehndi Design Step by Step for Starters

  • Intricate Floral Mehndi Design Step by Step Tutorial:

  • Easy Mehndi design for back of hand - Step by Step Tutorial

  • Simple Flower Mehndi Design - Step by Step for Beginners.

  • Beautiful Shaded Mehndi Design For Palms - Step by Step Henna design

  • Step by Step Flower Mehndi Design for Feet

  • Gorgeous and Super Easy Single Flower Mehndi Design For Beginners - Step by Step Henna Design

  • Simple Floral Mehndi Design Step by Step for Feet:

Which of the above mehndi design do you like the most? Go ahead and try these easy and simply gorgeous step by step mehndi designs for beginners and work your journey towards being a self made mehndi artist. ;)

~ Bushra

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