101 Simple Arabic mehndi designs for hands to try in 2023

Henna mehndi is the oldest form of beautifying hands and feet with intricate designs and patterns. Henna art is dominant not in India but in many different parts of the world and every region has its own style and design variation. Arabian mehndi designs are preferred by a lot of women in todays times because they arelatively more simpler and their patterns have a very contemporary appeal. If you are also looking to adorn your hands with some simple Arabic mehndi designs than in this blog post I bring to some of the most gorgeous and latest mehndi designs . Scroll down to pick your favourite and apply it to celebrate your happy occasion.

Simple Arabic mehndi designs for hands

Arabic henna designs have captivated the hearts of people around the world because of their timeless elegance and artistic allure. The best part about arabic henna is that fits all occasions beautifully be it an engagement party or a simple intimate house warming celebration. Lets dive in to see what kind of simple arabic mehndi designs are trending this year.

#1 Stunning floral arabic mehndi design for front hands

If you are looking for a beautiful front hand Arabic mehendi design than this  pretty Palm mehandi design with flower and leaf details is ideal for you The flowers are left bare while the leaves are filled in giving a nice contrast of shaded and a dark mehendi in just a single design . There is also a mesh type of detailing on one finger adding to the charm of the design . it is a good thing that this design ends at the wrist area and is perfect if you have a long sleeve dress or you want to keep things minimal

#2 Shaded front hand henna mehndi design for girls 

Another floral Arabic Mehndi design to consider if you want a beautiful amalgamation of leaves and flowers on the palm. While most fingers are kept empty in Arabic Mehndi designs this particular design has all fingers filled in with thick rich leaves which will look really amazing when the colour actually sets in . definitely try this for one of those wedding functions for a Glam Indo western appeal

#3 flower henna shaded arabic mehndi design for small occasions

Ideal for the back hands this floral shaded easy mehendi design is perfect if you are planning to get the henna done yourself because it is a very beginner friendly design and will be done in a jiffy . use a thicker cone to draw in the outlines and fill in with a thinner Cut mehndi cone 

#4 Stencil style arabic henna with a modern touch

This is one of those classic Arabic Mehndi designs which follow a single line pattern covering the entire hand .it is also quite easy to apply once you get a hang of all the Paisley twist and turn . Perfect for girls if you are new bride or a bridesmaid looking for a heavy mehendi patterns which also gets done quickly than this is a Arabic pattern you should definitely consider

#5 Simple arabic mehndi design for women

Keep things simple and striking with this beautiful easy Arabic Mehndi design which is perfect for the front hands a single type of a pattern leave detailing is used multiple times in this design with thick strokes to add depth to it this design is perfect if you are getting just starting out with henna 

#6 easy flower free hand henna mehndi design for kids

If you are a beginner starting out with henna mehendi then this is easy design you can consider it involves just same kind of floral drawn over and over again with swirl pattern leaves adding to the design detailing it is easy and quick to do

#7 Single line arabic palm mehendi design for hands

Single line Arabic Mehndi designs are perfect mehendi patterns when you are looking for something simplistic . in this kind of a pattern only one finger is covered in henna and it follows a very diagonal size sort of design path. here lots of flower details is used with thick lines to create a beautiful family Fatha Maam

#8 Mango and flower arabic henna design for all occasions

This alluring new Kali mehendi design which she did it uses the two fingers to beautify your hand while the rest of the fingers are kept bare it is very easy Arabic Mehndi design which even starters can apply

#9 Hathphool inspired arabic henna mehandi design

This henna mehendi design is one of those jewellery style henna patterns which are quite a rage these days it looks like a hot pool and has a jolly design on the fingers perfect for your back hands it is also very easy to make so if you are a beginner just up for this and what’s your hands get pretty 

#10 Only flowers chain mehndi ki design for eid

Arabic Mehndi designs have lots of spaces in them but this henna pattern with it floral is all over the palm has more than normal empty spaces making for a very modern and chic mehendi design which is perfect for a Roka

#11 Dark palm henna mehndi ka design for festivals

Those dark mehendi details look very beautiful after the you are a green of the Maggie is scrapped out and so designs like this field in mehendi patterns have become quite a rage and if You Are looking for something with a lot of Hina Reds than this but a kind of a design will look beautiful over the lightness of your palm .it is actually pretty easy to make and is quite forgiving because if you do make a mistake on girls you can just fill it in so try it even if You Are just getting started out with Hannah

#12 Classic old school easy arabic mehndi pattern for teens

This is one of those very basic Arabic Mehndi designs with baseless and florals it is quite popular for ages now we used to get designs like this on our hands even in our childhood so it is going to serve a lot of memories and perfect for women who want to keep it simple and subtle

#13 Simple arabic mehndi design with paisleys and florals for full hands

Looking for an easy to apply mehendi design which also looks stylish ? than this Classic pattern which is a full hand mehendi design is perfect for you only the florals and paisley  is what you need to perfect before you get started of adding repeated florals in different sizes and paisleys here in there and your full mehendi design is done . it will look stunning without requiring you to be highly skilled in mehendi application art you can trying it for any kind of a festive occasion  like house parties or even birthdays

#14 Arabian Elegance: Captivating Arabic Mehndi Designs with rose at base

Rose mehendi designs are the newest trend on block and if you haven’t given it a try and then this Rose style backhand Mendy design with filled in fingers is a perfect one to start off with it may look very complicated and extravagant when you look at it but it is actually easy because only the rose flower outlining is what you have to master and you are good to go it will also be get done very quickly and you can give it a try even on the front hands

#15 Checks pattern latest Indo-arabic mehndi design for front hands

This is one of those Indo western kind of fun henna mehendi design which has Indian mehendi elements used in in an Arabic more Mehndi motifs and placement to look very modern if you want to give a modern Arabic Mehndi art a tribe with fusing the traditional details then this design is perfect it is going to work with all kind of outfits beautiful usually invest in and even Indian
  • Design Placement :  Ideal for front hands
  • suitable occasion: for wedding occasions and anniversary party

#16 Slant mehndi design with jaali details for palms

Jaali mehendi designs are so popular As they are easy to apply but also look very beautiful all so giving an illusion of you wearing the jewellery on hands and this mehendi design with a slanted line I don’t on both sides with florals and fingers full of Jal mesh detailing is stuff dreams are made of . you can give it a try if You Are going for a wedding

#17 Leaflets and bel back hand dark arabic mehndi design

Sharing is one of the most striking mehendi details that is a part of modern henna art and this above mehendi design uses the shading pattern beautifully to make them Mehndi pop out and look thrilling. This particular pattern has flowers detailing and bet less empty spaces if that’s what you are looking for

#18 Bold back hand arabic mehndi design for wedding ceremonies

This is one of those new Mehndi designs which uses really thick lines to make a design look stencil like . If you want a design which gets applied quickly then give this simple mehndi design with flowers and curves a try. This design makes for an alluring back hand mehendi pattern and the swirls add to the beauty of this pattern making it a perfect pick for bridesmaids

#19 Delicate rose arabic henna pattern for front hands

Using really thin lines this Rose Mehndi design has been applied with lot of delicate strokes and intricate details . it is very unique because of the placement of roses which do not rest on the centre of the palm but slant out on m side of the palm and fingers also have rose detailing .another important detail about this design is the bracelet style of wrist cuff which looks and thrilling try this design if you want something very classy and minimal

#20 Pretty New arabic mehndi designs for back hands

Floral patterns have captivated the Heena world for a long time now but and this bank had many uses a huge flower as its main design motive and work surrounded with swirls piece lease and leafy wine details to bring out a very unique type of Arabic henna art if you are fan of oversized flowers then this design is for you

#23 Exquisitely detailed flower arabic henna designs with spaces

If a palm henna design is what you are looking for than this flowers Henna design is perfect for you which has florals at the base of the hand and on the fingers fully covered with Jaali details and the middle of the hand area is kept empty adding to the visual appeal of the design making it a very modern pattern you can try for any big occasions like a wedding or engagement party of your sister or a best friend

#24 Unique semi circular arabic rose mehndi design for bridesmaids

This is one of those mehendi designs which have a very modern vibe to With florals and the leafy details are drawn in a very semicircular form on the front hand with tiny delicate leafy branches branching out and fingers also have a beautiful detailing making it an ideal design for occasions like weddings and festivals like Eid

#25 Stylish half palm arabic rose mehndi design for bakra eid

How pretty and different is this palm mehendi design This design focus is entirely on the upper part of the hand with your fingers fully covered with bandit type of leaf few details and swirl flowers and beautiful Rosie details, slant curve on the palm and the rest of the hand is kept empty giving a very modest vibe ideal for teenagers this design is very useful and fun

#26 Lateral henna mehndi ke design with rose motifs for girls

This front hand mehendi design combines florals and geometric shape details in a very innovative way to bring you a new age design. Looking for something very different and hot and trained and this is the design you should give it a try

#27 Basic arabic rose mehndi design with leaves for starters

Rose Mehndi designs are elegant and they were quite in trend these days so if you are looking for a front hand Rose Henna design than this particular design is easy to do gets done quickly and is perfect for small intimate functions like a birthday party or small festivals

#28 Finger patterns back hand arabic mehndi design

This fingers only back hand mehendi design is beautiful with very geometric style of/detailing onto fingers and florals on other to it gives an illusion of a miracle Mehndi design but has Arabic Mehndi design elements also and you can use a very thickly cut or in combination with a thinly cut kaun to get this design right

#29 Diagonal back hand arabic mehndi design with leafy veins 

If you are looking for a heavier kind of a complicated henna pattern for big occasions like a wedding or engagement party than this backhand design with stencil like floral detailing is perfect. it is also quick to make because the leafy bit is easier and done in a jiffy

#30 Symmetrical arabic rose mehndi design for both hands

Same kind of mehendi patterns patterns on both hands are quite a trend these days and if you are looking for same kind of matching front hand mehendi patterns and this Rose Mehndi design is perfect using take a bold strokes or rose is drawn on the palm and surrounded by leafy branches and the upper part of the hand while the lower part is bare

#31 Indo arabic fusion back hand arabic mehndi design 2023

#32 Minimalistic hatheli mehndi design with rose for parties

The minimal but stunning mehendi pattern is what you’re looking for then this rose motif henna design is ideal which where a giant rose is done on the hand and the fingers have leafy details giving a very modest vibe

#33 Arch style half back hand arabic mehndi design

This kind of a monument inspired arch type back hand mehendi design is going to make your hands look really pretty . it is totally finger detailed mehendi design which will look beautiful especially for an engagement party wear your fingers will be attracting a lot of attention

#34 Elegant arabic henna designs for engagemnt parties

Stylish floral Arabic Mehndi design is beautiful with lots of flowers and geometric style in square shape detailing done . All of the fingers here have motifs and patterns giving it a very heavy heavy look. everybody will be charmed by so go ahead and strike a trend

#35 Floral henna art for palms - Ideal for roka (easy and simple)

This is totally new Arabic Mehndi design has lot three big flowers as its main motive surrounded by a semicircular mandala art designing and the fingers have a very pretty Jal type mesh detailing adding to the fancy look of this front hand mehendi pattern

#36 Beautiful half circle and florals arabic mehndi designs front hand

Adorable is this semi circular bandit type of front hand mehendi design which rests below the wrist area . the fingers are all kept empty including the thumb and flowers form the main highlight of the design this is quite a complicated design and should not be attempted by beginners it is best to have your mehendi artist apply it

#37  Delicate thin strokes arabic rose mehndi design for one side of palm

Simple elegant and super pretty is what defines this beautiful rose mehendi design which is easy to master even by beginners you have to just learn on the rose pattern detailing and add in branches here and there to connect the rose bunches

#38 Traditional bridal arabic mehndi design back hand

This mehendi design is an amalgamation of Indian traditional Mandala type of elements with Arabic time design detailing giving a very fusion type of a look perfect for weddings it can be applied even by brides because it is very full hand mehendi design

#39 Geometric Moroccan jaal henna design for modern brides

It jolly when done effectively can look really pretty and this half Palm design looks beautiful which with linear details surrounding both the sides of the mesh it is pretty easy to do and can be applied by anyone

#40 Slant style linear arabic henna designs with twin flowers

A very different and attractive slant mehendi design features slanted Row with Geometric patterns where flowers lie in the middle giving it an alluring look to make it simpler you can go out for simpler flowers instead of these complicated flowers and simpler detailing inside the lines and you have a beginner friendly customise design for yourself

#41 Intricate jaali style arabic mehndi design back hand for diwali

#42 Easy hearts and leaf arabic mehndi designs front hand

Hearts instead of flowers in the Arabic mehendi Trail makes for an interesting design detailing giving this a contemporary look which is also so easy to do . Works for romantic occasions like anniversary parties

#43 Easy leaves only arabic mehndi design back hand

If you are bored of flowers give this flower free leaf only henna design a try it is very contemporary in nature and works with it with outfits like a gown very beautifully

#44 Lines and flowers arabic mehndi designs front hand

Straight lines in combination with flowers can surprisingly look exquisite in a mehendi design and make it extra special because of its uniqueness you can try this design for a Roka function

#45 Very easy flowers and dots arabic mehndi designs front hand for beginners

How effortless is this Rose style mehendi design with swirls used interestingly to form rosette details and leaves filled in at the base of the hand while dots adorn the rest of the hand . this design is ideal for busy moms who don’t have a lot of time to spare

#46 Flowers bel arabic mehndi designs front hand

This design uses a simple flower motif in combination with leaf creepers on all fingers in a linear way to look very contemporary .it will work with well with traditional as well as fusion outfits

#48 Swirly bel arabic henna designs for bridesmaids 

#49 Easy and simple arebik mehndi digain image

Bel patterns are very important part of traditional Arabic Mehndi designs and this particular design is uses just on the traditional elements using swirls and flowers in a diagonal short of a way making it a very beautiful one line mehendi design

#50 Floral swirl pattern new arabic mehndi design with lots of dots

Floral small like a detailing is a version of a diagonal bail mehendi pattern which looks beautiful here and there is also another floral half circle at the side of the hand which adds to the beauty of this pattern 

#51 All new arabic mehndi design for back hands with scallop detail

No scallop edging Are hot in trend these days and this man the day uses the same trend and goes for a scallop type of cloud base on which florals and were leaves are added to look very exquisite it is one of those very complicated heavily intricate detailed Mehandi patterns which are going to make people stare

#52 Timeless Artistry: Arabic Mehndi Designs for All Occasions

#53 new arabic mehndi design for kids with lines and leaves

Looking for a kid friendly mehendi design then this lines and leaves mehendi pattern which looks a little bit like jewellery is perfect forthose little hands what’s more it is easy and you can do it yourself

#54 Super simple arabic rose mehndi design with leaves for beginners

Another easy beginner friendly Arabic Mehndi design is this Rose Trio is scattered here and there with leaves around making for a very pretty design ideal for intimate small parties and functions like housewarming parties or birthday celebrations

#55 Celebrate Tradition: Arabic Mehndi Designs Unveiled

This visually stunning Arabic flower mehendi design is perfect for festive occasions it is quite quite a difficult to apply but once you get a hang of all the flowers strokes and the leaves strokes you can easily master it quickly with a little bit of practice

#56 One side arabi mehndi design with lots of empty space

diagonal  trails are quite a norm in Arabic mehendi patterns but this mehendi design features Arabic mehendi motifs in a very linear pattern on just one side of the hand .the placement itself is unique adding to its contemporary touch

#57 Beginner friendly mehendi designs arabic for kids

This easy mehndi design is perfect for beginners you can try it for small occasions like dinner parties

#58 Draw it yourself mehendi designs arabic with flower and bel vines

If you looking for a first free mehendi design which is perfect for kids then this single line in a pattern is ideal this pattern here is Drawn on the back hand but you can easily apply even on the front hand And it is going to look just as good

#59 Pretty lower palm arabic mehndi designs front hand

This year Palm designs are quite in trend and they are beautiful intricate way to decorate your skin on the front of your hands . this Trio flower detailing is artistic and perfect one for any occasion.

#60 Easy simple arabic mehndi for fingers

This unique finger mehendi design focusing completely on the index finger with netted detailing is ideal for someone who wants something really minimal and graceful you can try it with any kind of an Indo western outfit like a Anarkali gown or Lehenga sari

#61 Decorative thick simple arabic mehndi

Dark field in swirl pattern Sir a beautiful way to express your creativity with the beautiful bright deep tones of Hina and when designs are filled in like in the above won the red of the Heena shows a beautifully on your palms giving a unique flavour you can try this pattern if you want more colour than design detailing on your hands

#62 Simple floral mehndi with siwrls and leaves

#63 Jewelry inspired stylish arabic mehndi design paiseley at the base

This jewellery inspired mehndi design is beautiful front hand mehndi pattern for brides who want to keep it minimal for intimate weddings

#64 Modish leafy arabic mehndi ke designs

#65 Quick and simple linear arabic henna with dots and leaves

Did you know that Arabic Mehndi designs are a popular because they are easy to apply this particular design is proof of just that if you have even got the mehendi cone for the first time you can get this design done with uses only swirls and dots intelligently to form a very modern type of a backhand Main the pattern which resembles jewellery two fingers here or left bare adding to the visual detail making way for intelligent use of empty spaces

#66  EAsy leaves overdose arabic mehndi for beginners

If you not fan of elaborate patterns in this very Simple mehendi design with filled in leafy branch is ideal pick for you as it will also get applied very quickly but it doesn’t compromise on style at all it is ideal for youngsters and can be tried at different type of small occasions like birthday parties housewarming ceremonies or even engagement parties

#67 Flower moon arabic mehndi designs front hand for eid

Looking for an easy but very perfectly suitable EId mehendi design then the moon mehendi design a good option which uses the floral branches to carve out a Crescent and a flower in the middle . this pattern is unisex and can be applied by men woman and also kids

#68 Elaborate squares and swirls stylish arabic mehndi design

This is gorgeous design with modern elements and traditional motifs in harmonic combination. One finger is left bare along with the thumb while design details are present on rets of the hand to exudes elegant ideal for weddings and festivities.

#69 Half and half stylish arabic mehndi design for both hands

Half and half mehendi designs are quite a thing as specially if you are a bride you can consider this kind of a pattern where half  design is drawn one hand and the other half pattern on the other hand when both the hands are joint together a beautiful design completion is seen . this pattern is ideal for backhands

#70 Leaves only shaded arabic mehndi designs front hand

Many women like to adorn their hands with floral Arabic Mehndi designs but if you’re not one of them who likes flowers than this leaves pattern is a nice break from the usual flower mehendi designs . five leaves with beautiful shading are drawn from below the wrist area and the fingers are left mostly empty with leaves on the tip.it makes for a very unique pattern you can try if you Are looking for a new mehendi design

#71 bracelet kada cuff illusion stylish arabic mehndi design

The Heena world has been stripped taken by a storm by jewellery mehendi patterns and this mehendi pattern is a classic take on the jewellery inspired designs with floral type of bands and formed to look like a bracelet and a finger ring rest of the hand is kept empty making for a very modern vibe which is also easy to make

#72 New age arabic rose mehndi design with geometric details

This is a single line henna mehendi design for front hands with leaves and geometric shape square shape detailing looking absolutely amazing This kind of amended design can be drawn both in the front hands and in the back hands as per your personal taste you can try it for any kind of religious function or a festival

#73 Modern arabic rose mehndi design for back hands

#74 Mandala inspired tikki arabic mehndi designs front hand

If you looking for a mandala type of woman the pattern than this leafy Tiki mehendi design is ideal for you which is a combination of Mandla pattern and Arabic leafy vines around filled in Tikki is surrounded by leafy branch and fingers are also also have leafy details giving it a very visually appealing look

#75 Trending heavy filled palm arabic mehndi designs front hand

#76 Dainty stylish arabic mehndi design with modern vibe

#77 chand arabic mehndi designs front hand for eid 2023

This chand mehndi design is ideal for Eid. the moon pattern is drawn beautifully on the palm with a star resting on top of it and florals at the base. moon type of motifs are also drawn on the fingers to complete the pattern . wear it with your salwar kameez, Plazo suit or your Punjabi suit and complete your look

#78  Unique arc style arabic mehndi designs for front hands

#79 latest arabic mehndi design with jaali details and linear finger bands

This is a arabic take on the Christian white glove weddings. It also features Indian elements like leaves and lines on the fingers making it a very global mehndi pattern suitable for all occasions which teenagers can try out.

#80 stylish arabic mehndi design with leaves for beginners

How easy and unique does this leafy patterns drawn over lines in bands look? Lines are also present on fingers to give an illusion of wearing finger rings. If you are a beginner who want to start out with a effortless but stylish pattern this design is perfect pick

#81 Mesh and florals stylish arabic mehndi design

This is a very new age bridal mehndi design pattern you can consider if you are having an intimate wedding and dont want sit all day to get mehndi applied on your full hands . IT is heavy enough to work for a bride and also modern making for a visual delight. 

#82 Matching Jalli easy arabic mehndi designs  

Jaal bands with flowers in the middle is nothing but stunning making this a very bridal sort of a mehndi patern. If you are a bride who doesnt want full hand henna then try this beautiful mehendi design for sure.

#83 latest arabic mehndi design with empty middle portion

In this design totally unique and hatke give it a try if you want something totally out of a box. Pair this design with a lehenga skirt or a floor touch gown and add extra sizzle to any shaadi.

#84 Heavy full hand easy arabic mehndi designs for brides

#85 Easy linear rose mehndi design 

If dainty Roses Are your thing then this rose mehndi pattern is a perfect match for you and the beauty of this design lies in its simplicity which uses just three different strokes of flowers leaves and thin and thick lines to complete the design . you can easily master this design even if you are beginner if you just get the rose swirts right and you are done because the lines and the leaves are just too easy to add on to around Rose clusters

#86 Dotted lines and jaali with floral arabic pattern

#87  effortless hand chain arabik design 

#88 Florals and dotted lines arabian mehndi pattern

#89 Heavy bridal Back hand mehndi designs arabic 

#90 Jewellery inspired backhand mehndi for brides

#91 Lotus style arabic mehndi design latest

#92 Bold florals back hand arabic mehndi pattern

#93 Leaf based kada style arabic mehndi design

Who wants designer jewellery when you have an easy mehndi design like this to flaunt away. The best thing about this pattern is that the branch detailing is so simple to apply that you an try it at even the smallest of functions with simple kurtis too. 

#94 angular back hand filled in arabi henna design

This angular Beautiful mehendi design is very stencil like and has a very shaded pattern with lotus flowers added this making it a very complicated pattern ideal for women who want to get henna applied from henna artist if your not a beginner then you can of course attend this even at home yourself

#95 modern mesh jaali arabi design for both hands

#96 Jewelry arabic backhand mehndi design 

#97 Hathphool ki tarah mehndi ke design

Dainty floral rest inside an arch type bracelet band making for a charming henna design. Leafy details also rest on one finger to complete this pattern whih is ideal pick for a reception or festival like dussera or diwali. 

#98 Traditional half hand mehendi design indspired by jewellery

#99 Striking lace glove henna tattoo

Double line mesh type of a detailing which has a floral kada at base looking like lace glove Is the perfect backhand mehendi design for occasions like a wedding which can even be applied by brides if you want to keep it minimal and modern

#100 Simple tikki back hand mehandi design

This is the best mehendi design if you want something jewellery like on the back of your hands it is also very easy to do and inspired by the Indian mandala mehendi motive and the chain detailing and a bracelet design gives it an Arabic touch

#101 Catchy beginner friendly finger mehndi design 

Finger mehendi designs are quite a popular these days because they are so easy to do and also look very stylish this and the design looks like a fingering it is a simple mehendi design new which is easy to apply and can be done in seconds.

#102 Captivating easy hand harness mehndi design

Unlike other intricate mehndi styles, simple Arabic mehndi designs are known for their minimalistic yet impactful approach.  this last design on the list is inspired by hathphool and is pretty basic which can be applied even by novices

 Significance of Arabic Mehndi Designs: 

Arabic mehndi designs trace their roots back to the Arabian Peninsula, where they have been a cherished form of body art for centuries. Originally, mehndi was used for special occasions like weddings and festivals, symbolizing joy, celebration, and good fortune. Over time, Arabic mehndi designs have evolved into a distinctive style characterized by their simplicity, flowing patterns, and emphasis on bold outlines.

Why are arabic mehndi designs the most popular choice of modern women?

  • Variations in design details: These Arabic  designs primarily consist of floral motifs, leaves, vines, and geometric patterns. The designs are typically drawn using thick lines, creating a striking contrast against the skin. While traditional Arabic mehndi designs are predominantly dark brown in color, contemporary variations often incorporate additional shades like black or red for a bolder look.
  • Free flowing  and intersting use of empty spaces
  • can be applied anywhere on the body: Arabic mehndi designs can be applied to various parts of the body, but they are most commonly seen on the hands, feet, and wrists. These days blouse style neck mehndi designs tummy patterns are also popular.The intricate patterns gracefully adorn the fingers, palms, and the back of the hands, while the feet are embellished with designs that extend from the ankles to the toes. These placements not only enhance the beauty of the designs but also provide a canvas for self-expression and celebration.
  • super versatile: They can be adapted to suit various occasions and personal preferences. From bridal mehndi to casual celebrations. Also many modern interpretations combine Arabic mehndi designs with contemporary elements like glitter, stones, or even fusion with other mehndi styles.
  • Easy to personalize: these designs can be customized by incorporating personalized elements, such as names, initials, or meaningful symbols. 

Popular Elements in Simple Arabic Mehndi Designs trending in 2023

  1.  Flowers: Floral patterns are the heart and soul of Arabic mehndi designs. Delicate roses, lotuses, daisies, and peonies are commonly used to create a beautiful and feminine touch. 
  2.  Leaves and Vines: Intricately intertwined leaves and vines form the backbone of Arabic mehndi designs. These elements add a natural and graceful appeal to the overall design. 
  3. Paisleys: Paisley motifs, resembling a droplet or a teardrop, are frequently incorporated into Arabic mehndi designs. They add a unique charm and elegance to the patterns.
  4.  Dots and Lines: The clever use of dots and lines helps to create depth and enhance the visual impact of simple Arabic mehndi designs. These elements are often strategically placed to highlight the overall design.
  5. Lotus motifs
  6. jaali or mesh detailing
Whether it's for a wedding, festival, or simply for personal adornment, these designs offer a stunning way to celebrate and express oneself. The beauty of Arabic mehndi lies in its simplicity, its ability to make a bold statement with minimal elements. So, why not embrace the charm of Arabic patterns. choose from the list above and apply now!

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